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Welcome to list of creepy ghost hunting, paranormal, and ghost story links.  Below find websites that can help you find creepy real haunted houses, ghost stories, and ghost hunters.  Hauntworld is the best website on the web to help you find everything haunted!  Are you looking for creepy buildings for ghost hunting for paranormal research?  Hauntworld has put together a collection of cool places to visit and some of our favorite ghost stories.  if you would like to add one please let us know. 

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The Story of the Lemp Mansion

The city of St. Louis, the capital of Missouri, is home to what may consider to be one of the most haunted places in the country: the Lemp Mansion.  In fact, the Lemp Mansion was ranked by Life Magazine in the 1980s as one of the top nine most haunted places in America.  Built in 1868, William J. Lemp and his wife, Julia, moved into the mansion in 1876. 

William J. Lemp Sr.’s father, Adam Lemp, began the successful Western Brewery company which eventually grew to encompass 40 breweries throughout the St. Louis area.  In 1862, William became owner and operator of Western Brewery after the death of his father.  While the company experienced rapid growth and immense success, the tragic decline of the Lemp family began.

William Sr. and Julia had six children; the oldest, Frederick, was the favorite of William’s and the apparent heir of Western Brewery.  In 1901, when Frederick passed away due to significant health problems, William became despondent and overcome with grief.  Eventually, he committed suicide in 1904 by shooting himself in the head.  In the following years, three more of the Lemp children (including the youngest daughter) committed suicide: each one, just like their father, shot themselves. 

Today, the Lemp Mansion has been renovated into an inn and restaurant and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of several members of the Lemp family.  Alleged paranormal occurrences in the house include the opening and slamming of doors, unexplainable knocking and footsteps, candles lighting on their own, and glasses flying off a bar and crashing to the floor.  Visitors have reported an overwhelming sense of sadness in certain parts of the house and a feeling of being watched.  Some have even claimed to have seen apparitions of members of the Lemp family, most notably Charles Lemp, the third son of William Sr. and the last Lemp to live in the mansion before he shot himself.  One report states that while the house was being renovated, a painter became uneasy and felt like he was being watched.  He immediately ran out of the house, leaving all his supplies and never returned. 


Ghost Towns in Texas

In the mood for a real fright? Spend the month of October spooking yourself from visits to some of the scariest ghost towns in the state of Texas. You are sure to be frightened  by the dilapidated, eerie ruins that are left in these towns.

Indianola, Texas:
Business was booming and Indianola, Texas was one of the most prosperous cities on the Texas coast. Now, most of the city is located underneath the bay. Residents of the city thought that they were protected from hurricanes, but in 1875 a giant hurricane took place and wiped out the town. There are faint remnants of the town, such as pieces of the town courthouse that remain and can be seen by visitors. A visit to Indianola is eerie as there is a clear understanding that a bustling town with a booming economy used to exist there.

Helena, Texas:
Helena was a busy city until the town made the decision not to pay a bonus to the railroad. City officials made this decision to avoid having the railroad go around the town. During this time, any town without access t to a railroad had a difficult time keeping business afloat. In response to not paying the bonus to the railroad, the president of the railroad company re-routed the train to be even further away from the town. Residents began moving away and in a flash, it became a ghost town. Plenty of ruins from the town still exist and are certainly worth a visit.

Thurbur, Texas:
This coal-mining ghost town was once a booming town but today has a population of 25 people. With over 10,000 people in 1886, this town specialized in mining coal and was known as one of the largest coal-mining towns in all of Texas. In 1903, the mining employees unionized and the mines closed down. Thurber then became a ghost town. A cemetery still exists which has over a thousand graves to see. Other buildings also remain standing, such as homes, a church and old businesses.


Haunted Ohio

There are countless areas and places throughout the country where strange occurrences and supernatural phenomenon seem to take place.  And while it would be difficult to label one single state as the most haunted in America (bizarre happenings surely occur in every state), paranormal experts seem to agree that there’s no doubt that the majority of hauntings and paranormal activity centers around once specific place in the U.S. – Ohio.  The Midwestern state along with its neighboring states comprise a major paranormal hotspot in the country; chances are, you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from an area where something rather strange has happened.

From the original Native Americans who hunted in the dense forests to the early settlers cultivating the land, the great Buckeye state has been inhabited for hundreds of years.  Its hills and valleys are chock full of mysterious and places, especially in the southeastern portion of the state along the Appalachian ridge.  One of those places is known as Hocking Hill, an area known by locals to be particularly haunted.  During the 19th century, Hocking Hill was bustling with small towns that were settled because of the rapid growth of the iron and railroad industries.  Once the industries faded, so did the towns.  Little remains other than a handful of scattered settlements, abandoned tracks, and dilapidated ruins, creating the perfect backdrop for haunted happenings.

If you’re looking for a more immediate adrenaline rush, try one of Ohio’s many well-known haunted houses, like the 7 Floors of Hell located in Berea, the state’s largest haunted house.  Or Dead Acres of Pataskala; with more than 50,000 square feet spread out through 50 acres, it has the frightening and unique reputation of being one of the scariest haunted houses in the country.

Another infamous haunted place in Ohio is the United States Air Force Museum located in Dayton.  Night guards have reported seeing apparitions and hearing mysterious voices and sounds throughout the museum.  For example, strange, unexplained lights have appeared in a B-24 plane and the ghost of a young Japanese boy has been seen standing next to the bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki.  While you may not be able to visit during the night (when most of the occurrences are said to have happened), this notoriously haunted museum is definitely worth a trip during the day – admission is free!


The Hauntings of Pennsylvania

 Originally inhabited by a variety of Native American tribes for centuries, Europeans settled the area now known as Pennsylvania during the 17th century.  As one of the original Thirteen Colonies, the state has a rich colonial history, one that has given rise to alleged hauntings throughout the state.  Pennsylvania is also home to many frightening haunted houses but if you’re looking for an authentic frightening experience that’s a little less orthodox, try visiting one of the many notorious haunted places.  People from all over the world travel to these very places to investigate the paranormal activities that seem to occur and to learn more about the ghostly tales that surround them. 

The Historic Baker Mansion
Built in 1849, the Baker Mansion is known as one of central Pennsylvania’s true haunted houses.  Originally built by Elias Baker for his family, the 28-room mansion is now home to the Blair County Historic Society.  In 1914, the family abandoned the home after Anna, Elias’s daughter, died.  Supposedly the Baker family now haunts the mansion; several people working in and around the mansion along with visitors who have toured the home have reported seeing eerie, ghostly images.

Jean Bonnet Tavern
Located in Bedford, Pennsylvania, the Jean Bonnet Tavern is well-known for its rustic charm, delicious cuisine, and most notably, the ghosts that haunt it.  During the 1700’s, the tavern was actually a French fort and a stop along the trade route of the Shawnee Indians.  Legend has it a man who was hung in the tavern and his body buried beneath the floorboards now haunts the tavern.  In the 1950’s, a new owner of the tavern decided to replaced the floor and found a human skeleton.  Testing indicated that the skeleton was in fact from the 1700’s.

The Historic Royer Mansion
The Royer Mansion dates back to the 1800’s when Samuel Royer built the house for his family. Several tragic events that occurred in the home have been documented including the death of Samuel’s first wife during childbirth, the death of Samuel himself, and the original Royer mansion being burned to the ground (it was rebuilt afterwards).  The Royer mansion stood vacant for years and locals believe the spirits of past owners of the mansion now haunt it – many even claim they’ve seen ghosts in the home and on the grounds.

The Hotel Lincoln
Once a popular bar and brothel in the late 18th century, the Hotel Lincoln is now home to an antique shop.  During its hay day, one of the most popular girls who worked in the brothel was murdered by her enraged husband when he found out what she was doing.  Legend has it in a fit of rage, he shot her lover, then stabbed her to death before hanging her body on the closet door.  Today many locals and even visitors claim to have seen apparitions in the newly remodeled antique shop.  Some have even complained of feeling an eerie presence when on the second floor (where the murder took place).  




Best Places in America to get SCARED 
Are you looking to find the scariest places on Earth to get scared?  All of the attractions below are either real haunted sites offering ghost tours, or they’re real haunted locations turned into professional haunted house attractions.  Many people LOVE to explore real haunted houses, conduct a paranormal investigation or go ghost hunting.  HauntWorld Magazine has created a list just for those people.  Below is our list of our top 10 favorite places to find ghosts and spirits, while also experiencing a Halloween attraction:

America's Top 10 Scariest Real Haunted Houses and Places to Visit

1. Salem, Massachusetts:  Salem is the best place in AMERICA to get scared because it has more haunted houses, ghost stories, witch museums, and Halloween related events than any other place in America!  Salem is our hands-down top pick for locations to visit during Halloween season!

2. Pennhurst Asylum:  One of the most infamous real asylums in America, shut down by the government for abuse against patients, has reopened its doors.  After thirty years, this long abandoned property now brings you one of the most terrifying haunted house adventures ever…The Pennhurst Asylum Haunted House.  Walk the grounds and see the eerie inside of this 100 year old building.  Prepare yourself for real ghosts and spirits of the dead.  Pennhurst Asylum was featured on Travel Channel as one of America's scariest REAL haunted houses, and today it's a real haunted attraction.  Learn more at

3. Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Louisville, Kentucky,  This historically haunted place is run by The Waverly Hills Historical Society, and it not only offers paranormal tours, but you can book an overnight investigation too.  Paranormal investigators from all over the country continue to visit the sanatorium.  Additionally, this location offers an elaborate haunted house attraction during Halloween season.  I don’t doubt for a minute it’s filled to the brim with actual ghosts!

4. Lemp Mansion and Lemp Brewery Haunted House:  This 1860’s mansion was home to the Lemps, a prominent St. Louis family and owners of one of the largest breweries in the World until prohibition, the start of the family’s demise.  One family member died under mysterious circumstances, four took their own lives, and one died of heart attack ALL inside the mansion itself.  Today you can visit the Lemp Mansion for ghost tours, mystery dinners, and even overnight investigations.  Next door, visit one of America's scariest haunted houses located under The Old Lemp Brewery inside real caves and caverns.  Years ago, the natural cave system under St. Louis provided the perfect temperature for aging beer.  Today, it’s a horrific haunted house experience like no other.  Visit or for more details.

5. Eastern State Penitentiary:  In 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary opened its doors to criminals, murderers and more.  The prison closed its doors in 1970 and remained abandoned for two decades until it was opened for daytime prison tours and museum.  It’s one of America's oldest standing prisons and home to ghost hunting, paranormal investigations and one of America’s longest and best haunted houses in the nation, Terror Behind the Walls.  Visit for all the gory details.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana:  Visit New Orleans and see some of the scariest graveyards in America with crypts, voodoo shops and YES several haunted houses too!  House of Shock ( and 13th Gate Haunted House ( are sure to please, but another nearby haunt is located in a REAL mortuary.  Check out The Mortuary Haunted House at

7. Winchester Mystery House: San Jose, California,  This mystery house is filled with endless rooms of eerie intrigue.  Turn off the lights and try to find your way out.  Legend has it that ghosts inspired the original owner to keep building onto this house…the house that never ends.

8. Alcatraz Island: San Francisco, California,  Through the years, Alcatraz served many purposes from a military base to a prison, America’s most infamous prison actually.  Housing prisoners like Al Capone and other notoriously hardened criminals, Alcatraz had been the subject of much controversy.  Just the thought of Alcatraz conjures up ghostly thoughts of the paranormal, but it now serves as San Francisco's number one tourist attraction.  

9. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast: Fall River, Massachusetts,  Well over 100 years ago, “someone took an axe and gave a man eleven whacks.”  Both Lizzie's father and step mother were slaughtered.  Lizzie stood trial for the murders, but was found not guilty.  Today, you can spend the night in the same room where Lizzie's parents were killed.  The actual house of the murders is now a museum and bed and breakfast.     

10. Niagara Falls: Ontario, Canada,  Niagara Falls has a ton of haunted houses.  Several of which are found up and down the old Clifton Hills.  Even the wax museum has a makeshift haunt s as part of the show.  Additionally, you can check out the Fort George Ghost Tours, St. Catherines Haunt Walks, Drummond Hill Cemetery and more haunting sites while visiting Niagara Falls this season.

Phone (508) 675-7333



“Daunting though it may seem to some, an evening spent with us is filled with fun, history and mystery.”


Enter 92 Second Avenue, Fall River MA and we travel back into the world of Lizzie Borden and the murders that took place there in1892. Come spend the night in what was then the family’s homestead. It is a bed & breakfast now and guests have a choice of six bedrooms–including the room where Lizzie’s stepmother, Abby Durfee Grey was axed. If one thinks that this place is the scariest hotel in American, it is.


August 4, 1892. The murders that occurred on this date would send shockwave throughout the nation. The act would be declared “the crime of the century. Lizzie Andrew Borden–born July 19, 1860 was accused, indicted tried and acquitted of murdering her father and her stepmother.


On the morning of August 4th, someone killed Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Borden. Rumors and suspicion fell upon their youngest daughter, Lizzie Borden. There were other suspects too of course: including Bridget Sullivan–the Borden’s housekeeper and William Borden–Andrew’s illegitimate son. But in the end, it was Lizzie who was indicted. The evidence: the hatchet that supposedly was used in the crime, a dress that was burned a few days after the murders and an eyewitness who saw Lizzie trying to purchase prussic acid (an illegal substance at the time). This evidence was flimsy at best. For example, the hatchet that was found was not the whole axe… the handle was missing. Why? The prosecution claimed, “the killer removed the handle because it was bloody.” The dress Lizzie burned a few days after the murder, the defense said was “ ruined when she [Lizzie] brushed against some fresh paint.” Finally, the evidence that Lizzie tried to buy the acid was eventually “excluded” from the trial. Her defense team depicted Lizzie as an upstanding citizen. She after all was the church’s secretary-treasurer and an active member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.  The proceedings came to an end and on July 20, 1893 after hearing the above evidence the jury acquitted Lizzie Borden of the crime. This however did not let Ms Borden escape folklore and history. We all remember and recite the rhyme from our schooldays:

Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks

When she saw what she had done

She gave her father forty-one


In truth, Abby Durfee Grey suffered only 18 or 19 whacks while Andrew–her father, only 11. But remember: it is never the truth that counts, it is the way you tell the story.


Maplecroft–the new home of the Borden sisters after the acquittal was purchased with their inheritance (another possible motive for the murder). In 1905 Emma Borden had a falling out with her sister over the friendship with the actress, Nance O’Neil. Emma eventually moved out and moved to New Hampshire where she died in 1927. The unmarried Lizzie meanwhile had died only nine days prior on June 1.


If you wish to find out more about this infamous case, why not spend a hair-raising night at the home of Lizzie Borden and her family. The bed & breakfast is open year-round except holidays. A full breakfast is included, which consists of coffee, Johnny cakes, fruit, sugar cookies, etc. There is also a library of books and videos of the Borden family, the murders and the aftermath of the trials that the guests are welcome to enjoy.


If you do not wish to take the dare of spending the night, there is a tour only option. From Memorial Day through early September, you can tour the house. Guided tour run from 11a.m. to 2:30p.m., every half hour. House only tours operate on weekends only.


Gift shop is available on premises.

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