ABOUT "Field of Screams"
One of the SCARIEST haunted attractions in Pennsylvania! If you want to be scared and screaming, you need to come here! We have several haunted, scary attractions for you to endure. Can you make it through them all?? We even have a not-scary hayride for the little ones! Field of Screams is a top notch, state of the art, high intensity haunted attraction. Featured on the Travel Channel as one of America's Scariest Haunted Attractions, Field of Screams has THREE different attractions on its property. The HAUNTED HAYRIDE is a 20 minute ride through acres of hair raising excitement and terror. The legendary DEN OF DARKNESS haunted house is packed full of more spine tingling chills than you can handle. The FRIGHTMARE ASYLUM has room for a few new inmates.
191 College Ave, Mountville, Pennsylvania, 17554

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Most every night of our 21 night season has a special event occuring. Some special events are The Battle of the Bands, the Field of Screams Idol, The Rap Battle, the Skate and Half Pipe Competition, the Wing Bowl, the Concert Giveaway, and tons of live music! Check out www.fieldofscreams.com for complete information about Field of Screams, its attractions, and all of its special events.

NEW FOR 2013! Our 4th attraction, Nocturnal Wasteland, is a terrifying walking trail that pushes your fears to the limit! Clowns, toxic waste, hillbillies, fire and guns, what more could you ask for? If you have the guts (we cant promise you will have them upon leaving), stop out at one of Americas most terrifying haunted attractions and board the most frightening Haunted Hayride you will ever experience. The ghosts of his victims still haunt the Den of Darkness to this very day. Upon entering the Den of Darkness, you will immediately experience why this is one of the scariest haunted houses in the world. Unexplained occurrences will take place as you make your way through 3 floors of fear. You will meet countless ghoulish inhabitants and creatures as you make your way through the dark hallways and narrow passageways found inside the Den of Darkness. From the feel of the snakes to the stench of the dead bodies in the morgue, you will be screaming for your life from beginning to end; an end for which you will be grasping. The Frightmare Asylum is hands down one of the best haunted houses in the world; heres why. The AppleGate Mental Hospital and Asylum once housed countless unwanted, neglected, and criminally insane patients. After operating for more than one hundred years, this four story Asylum was condemned and abandoned in the mid 1900s. - September 13th, 2013- November 3rd, 2013 including October 31st, 2013

Hours vary by night

Prices vary by night

10 and older

We are located directly of the major highway of Route 30 in Lancaster County at 191 College Avenue, Mountville, PA 17554 . Take the Mountville exit off of Route 30. Go South at the end of the ramp on Stoney Battery Road and Field of Screams is located 1/4 of a mile on the left.


Field of Screams PHOTOS

191 College Ave, Mountville, Pennsylvania, 17554
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