ABOUT "Scream Creek"
Scream Creek is Middle Tennessee’s best haunted attraction. Scream Creek includes a haunted hayride, haunted corn field, and a haunted woods all in one. If you’re not screaming, you must be dead! For the past 30 years accounts of missing persons, vehicles, pets, and supplies have poured into the Battle Creek Sheriff's Department. There has never been enough evidence to warrant an investigation. But recently the sheriff's department got a lead from a local regarding the mysterious reports. The old timer told officials to check out a dense, secluded, rural area of Battle Creek that he referred to as "Hillbilly Hollar." A team was sent to investigate but the deputies were never seen again. All that was found was a video camera that held a gruesome tale. Now the sheriff's department is asking for your help. You and others will be asked to go into Hillbilly Hollar to search for the missing persons. This isn’t for the weak or faint of heart. Some of you may not make it out alive. If you choose to accept this offer, then be prepared for Scream Creek Haunted Woods, Hillbilly Hollar!
1765 Martin Chapel Church Rd., Springfield, Tennessee, 37172

Pumpkin Patch

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Scream Creek takes about 30 minutes to trek through. The flashlight corn maze takes about 30 minutes as well. Group size and the members of your group affect the length of each attraction. VIP Tickets: The VIP ticket grants you access to all attractions (Scream Creek Haunted Woods, Flashlight Corn Maze, Hay ride, and Jump Pillow). It also allows you to pass the general admission wait line and enjoy complimentary concessions while in a separate VIP room. The price is to be determined (TBD) on a nightly basis. The VIP ticket only allows you to pass the general admission wait line for the Scream Creek Haunted Woods attraction. Standard wait lines apply to all other attractions. Scream Creek has a full market with hamburgers, hotdogs, candy, cold drinks, hot cocoa and a variety of other items. We sell t-shirts, stickers and other souvenirs.

Scream Creek Haunted Woods is the Nashville area's most unique outdoor haunted attraction. We are open every Friday and Saturday in October. The first group goes through at dark and the last ticket is sold at 11 p.m. We are all new for 2009 and now offer a terrifying outdoor attraction, a flashlight corn maze, and hay rides, as well as updated holding areas, concession stands and restrooms. Scream Creek is located at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, Tennessee. This attraction is NOT for small children. Check out the rest of the site for more info. - Fri. and Sat. nights for the Month of October

6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.


All Ages

visit www.screamcreek.com for detail directions


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1765 Martin Chapel Church Rd., Springfield, Tennessee, 37172
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