ABOUT "Sage Hill Haunted Bed and Breakfast "
Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast was once a school house that was renovated by a couple in 1996 into a bed and breakfast and restaurant. The school building where the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast is located was built in 1928 between the communities of Anamoose and Martin, North Dakota. It was known as the “White School”, after Colonel Samuel White who led a battalion in the Spanish-American War. The building is 10,000 square feet and in its early days it was powered by a wind generator. Approximately 100 children attended the school at the climax of its enrollment. Two barns on the property housed horse drawn carriage “buses”. In 1968, the school closed due to a declining population in the nearby areas. Visitors report that objects at the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast will go missing without explanation. Strange disembodied moaning sounds have been reported. Lights turn on and off without explanation. People also report the smell of cigar smoke when no one in the building is smoking. Cold spots and strong feelings of uneasiness have also been reported at the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast in Anamoose, North Dakota.
2091 33rd Street Northeast, Anamoose, North Dakota, 58710

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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2091 33rd Street Northeast, Anamoose, North Dakota, 58710
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