ABOUT "Retlaw Plaza Hotel"
Retlaw Plaza Hotel has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a historic landmark which has been in business since the 1920s and was named Hotel Retlaw back then. Retlaw is Walter spelled backwards. Walter Schroeder was instrumental for the hotel’s building and creation. The hotel was sold and was converted as into a psychiatric facility and a nursing home before it became the modern hotel that it is now. It is rumoured that the hotel has subterranean tunnels which lead to cellars where gangsters used to meet. Walter Schroeder, the person responsible for building the hotel, continues to haunt the establishment until now. When he was still alive, Walter was a generous person who was also a philanthropist. He donated money to various organizations. Rumor has it, Walter was murdered in the hotel and has since remained. Most paranormal incidents center in Room 717. Guests and hotel staff have heard screams coming from Room 717. Hotel staff tried to unlock the door but they were unable to. The screaming continued and the door was moving, as if someone was kicking it from the inside. When they were finally able to open the door, it was empty. Guests who have stayed in the room have reported their hair being pulled. Television channels change inexplicably, lights and faucets were turned on and off and there were even banging on the walls. Other haunting reported by guests were disembodied male voices, strange humming, phantom footsteps and unseen bodies bumping into people. The spectre of a redheaded woman in a white bathrobe was also seen disappearing into walls. It is rumoured that some of these ghosts were the man who hanged himself on the second floor which is now the ballroom and the ballerina who jumped out of her seventh floor room window.
1 North Main Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 54935

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1 North Main Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 54935
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