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Often called by many locals "The Belle of New Orleans." The Le Pavilion hotel offers guest turn-of-the-century charm in the heart of downtown Haunted New Orleans. Twenty foot Italian statues representing "Peace and Prosperity" greet you at the Poydras Street Lobby front door. Inside t his spectacular grand reportedly the most Haunted New Orleans hotel, you'll find crystal chandeliers, historic antiques and several lively ghost to haunt you. This New Orleans hotel makes all guests feel right at home by providing homelike touches, like complimentary evening peanut butter finger sandwiches. At one point a few years ago the hotel management was said to have hired several local well known paranormal investigator, who identified several ghosts in the hotel. One group found four and recorded EVP"s saying "Please, get out." and " Hold On I see You Now.", another Investigative team say they documented over 100 individual Ghost and haunted hotspots in the hotel. And still another Ghost group said it was actually a portal to the other side. Strange noises in the night, vaporous apparitions of figures standing at the foot of your bed. Coverlets and bed sheets being tugged into the air, from early morning to after midnight. Anytime is the right time to find a ghost here in this Haunted Hotel. One guest visiting for a large medical convention held in New Orleans this past June gave an account of a old gray haired woman, dressed in a fine black garment, sitting on the side of his bed. He said he felt the weight of her body on the bed, and against him. Awoken confused by this, he looked at the clock it was 2:30 am, and he felt her cold dead hands stroking his head and saying in a feeble voice "I will never let you go. You, are mine." Jumping up almost straight from the bed, he turned on the light and she faded away. And, "Yes," He said he checked out within the hour. In the opinion by a recent panel of several National Paranormal Investigators, they all have have deemed this one of the most haunted hotels in the Crescent City. Haunted tales and Ghost stories keep pouring in from you our readers on the Le Pavilion Hotel. Many have found new lonely lost spirits have been sent me their documented tales. I now present a few of them here for you our readers to explore and maybe investigate in the future. Here are just a small ghost filled taste that I have been able to gather from locals, staff, and visitors, and of course professionals in the ghost hunting field to this very haunted New Orleans hotel..... The most reported ghost that graces the lobby of this magnificently embellished hotel is that of Adda. A lost lonely tearful ghost of a teenage girl haunts the main entrance and lobby. Some call her Adda (or Ava, Eva the crying lost ghost girl). The girl was reportedly set to board a ship with her family when she was struck by a runaway carriage and killed. She is believed to have lived around the 1840s, because of her style of dress and is reported to be between 15 and 17 years of age by her appearance. Staff say quite openly, that she walk up and down pacing the grand lobby sometimes actually bumping into guest and saying, "Pardon me, I am, .... very lost." Only then to vanish from plain sight in an instance. One New Orleans taxi cab driver tells this story over and over again. He swears she got into his cab one awful cold, rainy night, and asked to be taken to the ship passenger terminal. Speaking to him in a heavy thick french accent she said nothing more. When then upon driving only a few blocks from the hotel Down Poydras Ave. She just disappeared, "Poof" from the back seat into thin air... " I thought she was a real person, I saw her face to face and in my rear view mirror." "The doorman actually opened the door for her." "I drove straight back told him what happened." We just looked at each other in disbelief." He said. The doorman shrugged, and said to me. " Well. this has happened a lot to other cab drivers, and I am not the first to have taken the ghost girl for a ride." The lovely young girl is said to be very fair with alabaster skin, pulled back brown hair,and tearing brown eyes. Always dressed in black, long flowing to the ankle skirt, and a black long shawl, and a broad black hat. she carries only a clutch purse. She has been mistaken for a Mardi Gras revealer, or just someone in a nice vintage costume. One Staff Member told a novice ghost investigator that all the encounters with her are said that she appears very real, and alive. Never ghostly, and that you would never think anything other worldly was going on until she vanishes before your eyes. Some say they have smelled sweet roses when she is near others, say the smell of fresh lilacs. She carries with her a small purse that she sometimes drops. Many People have said they have picked it up and handed it to her then witnessed her tears and then have her just to vanish before their eyes." I have had people say they have touched her and she feels very solid. As wells as to the numerous times people say they have felt her bump into them quite hard". "The only thing that is left of the occurrence is the feeling of being spooked and the strong smell that haunts the incident." Said a well Known California Paranormal Investigator who says he has stayed and documented the occurrences more then once privately. She some times has been known to walk up to people on the street and asked them, "Pardon me, do they know the way to the ship passenger terminal?" One young recent visiting couple reported to me in a email, that they, met this young lost french girl in a dark long dress and shawl. "We were in New Orleans and thought nothing of the clothes she was wearing."We thought she was a performer in a costume." "We told her we were going on the cruise and would be glad to share a ride in a taxi cab with her." "A taxi was summoned, all three of us got in." We drove for a few blocks and then we realized it was just the two of us in the taxi." the couple stated. "I turned to my husband then turned to face her, she was not there, and even the driver was startled." "I was very afraid," the young lady said." I know now I was in a taxi with a ghost!" "I could still smell the heave sent of the rose smelling perfume she wore." Another reported ghost encounter is of a aristocratic middle aged couple. It has also been well documented by many, of them strolling the halls and grounds. They appear very often quite solid and real also. They are dressed in dark clothes and seem to be from the circa 1920s. The have been seen holding hands and walk slowly and lovingly through the doors and into the elevators. Staff and many scared guest have spotted these ghostly apparitions in the halls and on the 3rd and 4th floor quite often. The tall man smokes a cigar, and wears a dark hat. He has a dark mustache and a cane or umbrella some times, and the smell of his large fat dark ghost cigar is pungent and it lingers. The lady who is said is not his wife, but another guest, or ghost mistress that he was courting. She wears a light blue long dress, and has dark hair and caries a long beaded purse. Many nation wide Paranormal Investigators say her room was on the third floor, and that it is very much filled with the fragrance of a ghost perfume. The gentleman's room was on the 4th floor and the cigars haunted smell is their between the hours of 7 pm and midnight. Each day they were said to take a stroll through New Orleans cobble stoned streets and banquets, admiring the haunted architecture and the bustling Mississippi river view. On one particularly hot steamy New Orleans summer day he is said to have dropped to the ground dead, from a heart attack as they returned the hotel. They say he died in the street as they were crossing."His spirit was there first and hers only arriving sometimes in the early 1960's to join him." Said one well noted chicago Ghost investigator. " This is a true Haunted New Orleans ghost love story." Many Ghost hunters from across the nation, believes they joined each other in death to finish what they started in the city they loved. The lovely lady ghost is very tearful when seen alone in the afternoon. But when you spot her in the mornings she is radiantly happy and bounding with a inner glow that is to some a sign of how in love she is. Quite often depending on the time of day or night they are separated and haunt the hotel apart from each other. But between 11 am and 5 pm they are always together..." Arm in arm and always very happy you can see it on their faces." This was said a hotel security guard that says he sees them together very often." I don't' want to tell this to to many people , but I know what I see and I believe in Ghost." I didn't until I started working here." he exclaims. " I do know what is real, l and this haunting is." He said. Another haunted ghost story that keeps popping up often is of a young long haired man, around the age of 19-22, his clothes, brightly colored shirt with balloon sleeves, and bell bottom pants and a large belt buckle, and shoeless feet seem to be from the mid 1960s .His long blondish to the middle of his back hair is neat and his face quite happy. guest and staff say he smiles a lot He often has been reported playing ghostly pranks on the hotel cleaning staff, guest and locals, pulling sheets from the bed during the night, moving guest belongings from draw to draw or hiding a shoe or room key. You can sometimes even see him in a mirror it is said. The many haunted staff members say he haunts the entire hotel and is often seen running through out the hotel as if someone was chasing him. One local spotted him on the street, he then ran straight into a outside wall and vanished. Another said he runs along the sidewalks and parking area day and night. Security are often checking out his escapades. Only to say it's him again. One security guard says he saw him on actual video surveillance once. " This dark figure ran by and I swear I could see right through it as I watched the monitor." " I really don't want to tell you this but I was scared." He relates. Another ex-staff member told ghost hunters this really haunting Ghost story about him. Hotel guest had told her that, he can also be seen peering into your room from out side the window, no matter what floor your on, 4th, 5th, and even higher... One frightened guest called me at the front desk around 3 pm and stated to me . "There's a long haired man outside my window, and I am so afraid he is going to jump." "So i sent security, they went to her room, as did they go out side to investigate." "Nothing, or should I say no one was found." "I felt helpless, I knew the story so well.... how do you tell a rattled hotel guest you just saw a ghost!" Said the hotel employee. " I hate to relate this story," to often she said, "Yes, it really gives me the creeps."
833 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112

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833 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112
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