ABOUT "Glen Coe Bed & Breakfast"
DESCRIPTION: Glen Coe Bed and Breakfast is an 1890 Victorian home with two floors and an attic and basement. There is also a viewing deck where the visitor has a lovely view of the Elizabeth River. HISTORY: The original homeowners of this Victorian home were immigrants from Scotland, and when they built their dream home in Portsmouth they called it Glen Coe, after a very beautiful place in their old homeland. Glencoe, Scotland, is believed by many to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It runs for ten miles between the steep slopes of rugged mountains. This old Victorian Home had a succession of owners over the years, but eventually stood empty for a time, in need of TLC. the new owners fell in love with this charming old fixer upper opportunity and bought it with the idea of restoring it and putting it to work as a bed and breakfast. This would provide income to help keep the place up as Victorians are notoriously in need of care. HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Renovations and restoration process often sirs up entities in the structure. When this Victorian home was renovated, the rose garden pretty much was destroyed, though the owners had started over again and replanted rose plants, as a Victorian House needs to have a Rose Garden. MANIFESTATIONS: Entity of an old lady This former resident can be seen inspecting the roses in the Rose Garden, where she at one time had her own rose garden, which had been her passion. To give a gentle reminder to the owners about the importance of roses, there is a strong aroma of roses in the entrance hallway. STILL HAUNTED? Yes Indeed! This rose loving entity is a gentle soul who is still a little worried about the roses, and is willing to give the living encouragement in their endeavors to grow new roses.
222 North Street, Portsmouth, Virginia, 23704

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Glen Coe Bed and Breakfast does not offer specific tours. They do offer you a wonder night stay with the possibility of a few ghost sightings or friendly visitors. Please email or call us to inquire about government rates. reservations@glencoeinn.com - Glen Coe Bed and Breakfast can be found in the old historic town of Portsmouth, near the Elizabeth River, within walking distance of downtown shops and stores. From Norfolk, Virginia Beach: Take I 264 W, and follow signs for the Downtown Tunnel; stay right Immediately when coming out of the tunnel, take the first right Exit 7, towards Downtown Portsmouth. It will almost be a U-turn. Follow the round-a-bout around to the left on to Court St. Go four blocks and turn right on to North St. The inn will be on the second block, second building on the left. There is a Scottish flag flying to greet you. From Richmond, VA and points north: Follow 95 South to I 64 East. When you get close to Hampton Take I 664 south exit to the Monitor Merrimac tunnel, approximately 3 miles. After crossing the bridge-tunnel take exit 9 towards Portsmouth via route 164.Go approximately 5 miles and follow the signs for downtown Portsmouth . This is now Route 58. Follow the signs for downtown Portsmouth and take London Blvd exit. Stay on London for approximately 2 miles until you come to the junction of London and Crawford. (The waterfront should be directly ahead of you) . Take a left on Crawford, one block, take a left on North. (There is a monument in the middle of the road and the Renaissance Hotel on the right). We are the fifth building on the right-222 North. There is a Scottish flag flying to greet you.


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222 North Street, Portsmouth, Virginia, 23704
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