ABOUT "East Wind Haunted Inn"
DESCRIPTION: This 1860 building is described as a "large, three story, white-framed structure," that also has an attic and large basement . An outside porch wraps around the entire place. The third floor has nine rooms, and the second floor has seven rooms. The first floor of this East Wind Inn has a lounge, and a restaurant that serves guests and the public interested in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are large windows that overlook the view to the sea front area. The large basement was turned into an apartment for the owners of the building. HISTORY: In the 1800s, Tenant's Harbor was a shipping and ship building center. In 1860, a local businessman, John Fuller, felt the need for a large commercial building, so he built The East Wind Building. Top floor was rented to the Masonic Lodge in town until 1894. The second floor was used to sew sails together, and later was used as a community meeting room. John Fuller himself operated a general store on the first floor, and his sons had a tin shop in the basement. In 1921, this commercial building was brought by Charles Rawley who renovated the place to be The Wan-e-set Inn. During 1941, this building was bought by Frank Scrutin. The building was abandoned in 1954, and stood vacant until 1974, when the property was sold to Tim Watts, who renovated the building, to be The East Wind Inn. MANIFESTATIONS: There are several presences felt & occasionally seen throughout the building; mainly on the third floor and attic, the first floor and the basement. Third Floor & Attic - Seems to be haunted by a very upset entity, described by psychic Annika Hurwitt as an unstable woman who was murdered in the 1800s. Looking up records, there was a woman found stabbed in the chest and strangled, near the East Wind Building. It is thought that she could've been murdered secretly in the building, or in a house nearby. 1) The owner Tim Weber, had been pushed in the attic by an unseen, hostile presence. 2) In rooms on the top floor, especially rooms 12 & 14, guests have felt moving cold spots, and have been awakened at night, feeling extremely cold. When they try to get up, they are physically held down on the bed by an unseen entity. Then they feel an uncomfortable pressure on their chest, and a lot of constriction around the their throat, & are unable to scream. Though as of 1996, guests have typically just been held down by the unseen hands. 3) Psychic- prone people say that there is a feeling of sadness there. When psychic Annika Hurwitt visited the rooms, for the first time, she found it hard to breathe, and was overcome with really sad feelings. 4) Windows in rooms on the top floor have shattered without any logical explanation. 5) On the third floor, guests have heard a faint wailing at 3 o'clock in the morning. There was no wind, and it was coming from somewhere on the third floor. 6) A guest on the second floor was in a room, located right under rooms 12 & 14. About 4 o'clock in the morning, something rudely pushed her out of bed. She heard what was described as "a long stroke noise, and then a short one," coming from her room's ceiling. 7) The roof on either room 12 or 14 just blew off in the 1980s, while the roofing on the rest of the third floor was not touched. No natural explanation was evident. At the same time, the mattress in the roofless room was cut in half. Psychic Research Concerning Rooms 12 & 14: After meditating in the haunted rooms, Annika Hurwitt sensed that this very angry and very hurt presence was murdered by either her much beloved boyfriend or husband, who was cheating on her. She haunts the living "to feel empowered and to get revenge," by making them feel what she felt in her violent death; being held down against her will, being stabbed in the chest and being not able to breathe because she was strangled as well. First Floor Manifestations: In the living room on the first floor, owner Tim often felt a benign presence keeping him company. 9) A gray apparition has been seen floating up the main staircase from the first floor, to look out the picture window at the glorious view of the ocean and harbor. 10) Odd noises are often heard, and physical abnormalities, like doors slamming by themselves, and the dining room doors swinging like an unseen presence just went through them. 11) Various dogs have sensed unseen presences, and reacted by growling, showing their teeth, while staring around the room at something not seen by the living, causing the dogs' body hair to stand up straight. Psychic Research Concerning the Living Room and the Stairs: Psychic Annika Hurwitt, saw in the living room, an old sea captain who was smoking his pipe, enjoying the view from the windows of the ocean and the harbor. He has retired to the Inn, and is an unseen guest who just enjoys hanging around the place, not bothered by the living at all. He is rather annoyed, though, by the disturbed presence on the third floor. As he has such a fondness for the view of the ocean, perhaps it is his form seen climbing the stairs to look out the window facing the sea. Basement Manifestations: 12) One winter, when the owner was on holiday, a friend of his was house sitting the East Wind Inn. While staying in the owner's basement apartment, she would often hear footsteps walking around overhead in the dining room and kitchen area when she knew no one was there. When she quickly would check the area, the footsteps would stop. 13) A chef, while housing sitting the East Wind Inn while the owner was away during the winter, would often see, out of the corner of his eye, an apparition watching him, as the chef put away food in the pantry. Other First Floor & Basement Unseen Residents 1) The most benign entities are the men that just sort of hang around the first floor and basement playing cards. Psychic Annika Hurwitt got a sense of them, just relaxing and playing cards. In between hands, they could be the ones walking around, opening doors, watching the chef to be sure he does a good job, etc. It is theorized that they could be Masons or community people, or friends of John Fuller's sons, who had card games in the basement tin shop. Whoever they are, they have decided to stay at this East Wind Inn, because they had so much fun together in their time, in this building. STILL HAUNTED? Probably Yes. While there is no reason to think that anyone has left to go to the other side, it has been calmer in recent years.
21 Mechanic Street, St. George, Maine, 04860

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There are several unique hauntings that are believed to occur at the East Wind Inn in Maine. If you are interested in making reservations to stay at this beautiful inn, you may call 800-241-8439. If you are in or near Tenant’s Harbor, simply drive to Mechanic Street. The lovely and haunted establishment can be found at numeric 21. By visiting, you can take a full tour of the haunted East Wind Inn and experience the spirits there for yourself! - The East Wind Inn is about 4 hours northeast of Boston and less than 2 hours from the Portland airport. • From the south, take I-95 to Portland, then take I-295 north; exit I-295 at Brunswick (Exit 28) or at Topsham (Exit 31) and take coastal U.S. Route 1 North. • Follow US Route 1 north to Thomaston. • Turn right (south) onto Route 131 (at the Henry Knox Mansion up on the hill.) • Travel south on Route 131 for 9 miles or so. • Watch for the VFW and Post Office on the left in Tenants Harbor. • Bear left off the main road just past the Post Office and follow that for 200 yards down to the water. That's where you'll find us. Our street address is 21 Mechanic Street, Tenants Harbor, Maine 04860


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21 Mechanic Street, St. George, Maine, 04860
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