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ABOUT "Mansion of horror "
The old mansion is overgrown with greens, abandoned, and people diligently avoid it. And for this there is a reason. When the "Heaven River", as it sounded the original name, was built, it was a magnificent example of architectural creativity. Decoration of the city, he became a tourist attraction, and when a few tourists visited the city, every townsman proudly brought visitors here and told a story. The fact is that this magnificent house was built by Baron Steinmeier for his children and his wife. The Baron himself was a very talented doctor, philanthropist, connoisseur of art and philanthropist. He was respected in the city, and the baron himself was deprived of pride. Everything changed when the bandits decided to use it. First they kidnapped the youngest daughter of the baron - Maggie. The Baron was forced to pay a ransom. The Baron appealed to the police, but because of the failure in the operation, Maggie was brutally murdered, and the bandits sent her head packed into a large teddy bear. When the bear was left at the gate of the mansion, it was not immediately understood by all that this innocuous toy hides. It is said that the toy whispered something and after that the parents found Maggie's head. This find drove my father crazy. He shut himself up and did not go out into the street again, and strictly forbidding the rest of the family members the same thing. In less than two years, the bandits returned. But this time everything went not according to the scenario of the killers. The Baron lured them inside the house. When the villains found themselves in the mansion, the doors behind them closed and for them hell began on earth. Father dealt with each of the killers in different ways, but very cruelly. The townspeople say that the screams of the victims of the baron spread throughout the city for several hours. When the police arrived, then, after searching the place of the alleged crime, the detectives found all the attackers with terrible wounds, but the most important thing was that apologies were written on all walls with blood. The father of the family was found in the nursery, lying next to Maggie's bed and unconscious, but the rest of the family could not be found at all. And this was the first strangeness. At the trial, the baron did not say a word. He did not justify himself, nor confirmed his guilt, he just sat. When the verdict was pronounced, the baron uttered the phrase "Now they are in hell" and again fell silent. After 3 weeks of silence, psychiatrists established that Steinmeier's personality disorder. He was placed in the hospital, and after 8 years released to freedom and the baron returned home, but his wife was not. The Baron stayed in the mansion.
pr. Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy, 160E, Krasnoyarsk, International, 660093

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pr. Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy, 160E, Krasnoyarsk, International, 660093
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