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Attractions include an adventurous corn maze, a pumpkin patch, antique tractor hayrides, and an imaginative fall festival town. There are so many creative seeds waiting to sprout that our farmers secretly planted all over Mile High Farms! Pumpkin Patch Take a fantastic hayride to our pumpkin patch! You'll find a variety of pumpkins and gourds. Did you know kids love warty gourds! Pumpkins Growing on Trees! When it comes to growing pumpkins, we always think outside the box. Stay tuned for some new and exciting pumpkins never seen before!!! Activities at Mile High Farms Our Fall Festival starts new family traditions and memorable experiences for everyone. All of our activities are highly imaginative and custom made by our imaginative farmers. Be prepared to have fun. Farmer Jon and Bill have spent countless hours with his their friends to offer a variety of activities for all ages; however, we do realize that there will be some folks that may not enjoy our Fall Festival to the fullest. Please check back often to see our every changing activities list and help you prepare to FALL INTO FUN! Important Tips! Be prepared with sneakers or boots. It's sandy out here and not open-toe-friendly. The weather can change quickly, so be sure to pack something warm as well. We gladly except all major credit cards, but bring some sweet moolah for face painting, pumpkins, and our concessions. Be prepared to see small critters and insects ranging from rabbits and foxes, to spiders and bees. While we do our best to keep our activities free of potential stings and startles, we ask that you understand this is a farm and will encounter mother nature. Bring your cameras and your attentiveness. See our local pray mantis!
11 Cavanaugh Road, Bennett, Colorado, 80102

Corn Mazes

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In the Fall Schools are invited to bring students to Mile High Farms to learn the unique farming style of our Farmers, our inspirational and highly creative minds behind the farm. Adaptable to multiple age groups, students will learn how to plant with their imagination, water with fun, and grow something special. Students will experience a place where pumpkins can grow on trees and creativity grows wild; a place only they can imagine. Activities include: navigating the farm and our corn mazes, learning about our cottonwood trees, site seeing from our hayrides, farming and equipment, how creativity brings ideas to life, and much more. In the Spring Students are invited to the farm in the spring to help prepare for the fall. They will learn about all the wonderful steps needed for a successful harvest such as soil preparation, seeding, and irrigation. During this experience, they will plant their very own pumpkin seeds in a specific area designated for their school. Our farmers will post progress photos of the growing pumpkins on our Facebook page from spring to fall so students can track their hard work throughout the seasons with their parents. Students will be invited back in the fall to pick a fully-grown pumpkin from their area as well as enjoy all the farm's fall festivities. Other group activities in the spring include: helping concept our corn maze, while learning how the acres are cut and groomed to create the final design; brainstorm new activities as well as new spectacles for the farm; and learn about the overall creative approach to Mile High Farms. - 2013 Admission Prices $12 Adult Admission $10 Kids 4 to 12 Years Old $10 Seniors Free Admission for Kids 3 Years Old and Under $25 Season Pass $10 & Free Pumpkin Per Child & Parent Celebrating Birthday Parties $7 Per Child on Field Trips $2.50 Per Chaperon on Field Trips Free Admission & Pumpkin for Teachers on Field Trips


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11 Cavanaugh Road, Bennett, Colorado, 80102
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