ABOUT "North Georgia Corn Maze "
At Georgia's premier corn maze, see where over 160,000 people have gotten lost! The North Georgia Corn Maze is 7 acres of mind-twisting crop circles that will sizzle your senses and challenge your wits. After you "Get Lost" in the Corn Maze, test your skills on our Hay Bale jump, and your kids will have more fun in our Kids Corner than a termite in a yo-yo! Then kick back and relax on a 20 minute Hay Ride overlooking some of the most beautiful scenic views in Georgia. If you are around after dark, enjoy a "Movie Under The Stars" on our huge outdoor screen. If you are not faint of heart and you dare, venture into the haunted "House of Burm" (opens September 28th) and take the Elevator down to the "Dungeon of Fear" to see what is really going on in the North Georgia Mountains after the sun sets. Kid's Corner Our Kids Corner features a Petting Zoo with kid-friendly animals provided by the North Georgia Zoo. Take a ride on a barrel train, jump a hay bale, toss some bean bags, and play around in a corn pit (like sand box, but with 8 million kernels of corn)! And we've added inflatables to add to the fun! Come on up and make some great family memories together with our family, here at the North Georgia Corn Maze. Havin' fun is rule #1, but to make sure everybody gets to have that fun, we wanted to set a few simple ground rules over to the left in that yellow box there. We are delighted to have you at the North Georgia Corn Maze. Please read the rules and certainly don't forget rule #1! Thank you, John Callaham & Heath Biggers Owners, North Georgia Corn Maze
559 Tom Bell Road, Cleveland, Georgia, 30528

Corn Mazes

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559 Tom Bell Road, Cleveland, Georgia, 30528
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