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History and Background: This home is located in northeast Green Bay. It is approximately fifty years old, 1328 square feet, with a poured basement. The current owner of the home is a single mother with three children. She purchased the home only 4 months prior to contacting the MPI Network. The owner did locate property records which indicate that three people had passed away while living at this residence, however records do not state if anyone passed away while inside the home. Reported Paranormal Activity: The owner of the home claims that her children have seen a shadow person in the basement, who they call Fred. She states that the children are afraid of Fred. Her children report that Frank sometimes moves their toys to different areas of the basement while they are not around. The owner and her children often hear what sounds like someone walking around the house, turning door knobs, and a potent odor tends to linger in the spare bedroom, without any known reason. The owner also claims that her ankle had been tugged on while she was lying in bed. Investigators Present: Scott, Vicky, and Jim. The homeowner was also present, but did not actively participate in the investigation. Equipment Used: 2 Sony Handycams with Night Shot, 3 SLR digital cameras, 2 KII meters, 3 digital audio recorders, 2 digital thermometers, numerous trigger objects, WavePad Sound Editor, a Cuddeback Trail Camera with Night Shot and a Frank’s Box. Strategy: This was a night time investigation, conducted on a Sunday in late July, 2011. Scott, Jim, and Vicky arrived at the residence at 8:00pm. The owner of the house, provided investigators a tour and identified the kitchen and the basement as the most active areas. The owner also shared a concern that the spare bedroom had an unexplainable potent odor. We were able to confirm the odor, which smelled somewhat like vintage perfume, but were not able to identify it’s origin. Toy cars and a skateboard were used as trigger objects in the basement, where the children of the home claim their toys had been moved. The weather on this date was calm and humid with clear sky. Audio: “Respect!”: Jim, Vicky, and Scott are in the home’s basement. Scott can be heard talking in the beginning of clip. Scott is heard saying, “…So if there’s anything down here, it’s gonna talk.” A voice, possibly taking offense to this, yells, “Respect!” Scott, Vicky and Jim continue talking strategy, unaware of the EVP captured. “Knock knock, who’s there?”: In basement. Vicky is heard asking for a sign of a presence. “Are you able to knock on one of these pipes?” After several seconds, and a camera shutter, a whisper is heard apparently making a joke. At this same time, the team heard a knock on a pipe, which is inaudible on this recorder. The team responds to this noise. Vicky asks, “What was that?” Scott responds, in reference to the noise, “That was good.” “Hi.. Hi ..Scott is taking sexy pictures.”: Team returns upstairs after initially setting up in the basement. Jim tags this on his recorder, stating, “Everybody back up stairs.” 2 female voices are then heard, apparently saying “Hi” to each other. A male muddled whisper then states, “Scott is taking pictures.” Scott actually was not taking pictures at this time. “People like you wanna speak with us.”: EVP session in kitchen. Vicky is heard asking, “Is there a reason why you remain in this house? A whisper answers, “People like you wanna speak with us.” Vicky, unaware of EVP, continues, “Do you live here?” “Touch.”: Kitchen EVP session. Vicky is explaining the KII Meter and how spirits could utilize it. As Vicky talks, a male, somewhat robotic voice states, “Touch.” “Am I alive, Vicky?”: Basement EVP session. An unexplained sound, possibly a EVP stating “Edward” is heard. Soon after, whispers are heard, saying, “Eight…nine. Am I alive…Vicky?” “No, I cant leave.”: Basement. In a lull of silence, a whisper clearly is heard saying, “No, I can’t leave.” Another, more faint whisper is heard right after, “Why can’t you?” “I can’t stand you. Both of you… go away!”: Frank’s Box session in kitchen. Scott, after seeing the KII Meter light up, asks if it can “Light up those lights again please?” A whisper is then heard saying, “Be nice to me, please.” Several seconds later, the same muffled whisper demands, “I can’t stand you. Both of you…Go away!” “I’m Dead.”: The team is in the kitchen conducting a Frank’s Box session. This EVP was captured on a different recorder placed in a bedroom down the hall. The Frank’s Box is heard in the backround. After several whispers in the beginning of the clip say “Tammy,” the name of the homeowner, the Frank’s Box can be heard saying, “Jesus is your guide.” Soon after, an eery whisper, caught in the bedroom cries, “I’m dead!” “Vicky, Jim, and Scott.”: Frank’s Box session in kitchen. Apparently, all 3 of our names were well known to someone unseen. Conclusion: It is the opinion of the MPI Network that activity of an unexplainable and possibly paranormal nature is ocurring in the home. Evidence was captured in the form of visual, audio, and as personal experiences of the investigators, mainly in regards to unexplained odors. The evidence captured appears both friendly and curious in nature. Some EVPs are appreciative while others had asked for respect. The essences inside this home seem to coexist with the present day family and have shown they are not to be feared. The evidence has been presented to the family. The children found this experience helpful and entertaining and are no longer fearful of the shadowperson they call Fred.
Green Bay, WI , Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54155

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Green Bay, WI , Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54155
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