ABOUT "Portsmouth Escape Room"
WHAT IS A ESCAPE ROOM? An "Escape Room" is an interactive live adventure game in which players discover hidden clues and solve puzzles in order to accomplish an specific goal within a limited amount of time. The goal can be, for example, to solve a crime or to simply physically exit the room. Each room has a theme (i.e. mysterious background story) that will keep you engaged and entertained. By solving each puzzle, you will be provided more clues in order to progress further until you unlock all the secrets and exit the room, or until the time runs out. If you are curious, check out our themed rooms. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? As long as you can read and enjoy being challenged, you can participate. It's great for families, a group of friends, or even as a corporate team building experience. AM I REALLY LOCKED IN? Yes and no. The door will close behind you, but in reality you can walk out of the room at any time. SOUNDS AWESOME - WHEN WILL YOU OPEN? We are planning to open in September 2015. If you want to know the latest details, make sure you 'like us' on facebook and follow us on twitter. Also, check out our Kickstarter project.
, Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
(207) 899-9820

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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, Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
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