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ABOUT "Reaper's Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions"
What lies within the realm of Reapers Forest? Do you have what it takes to brave a haunted hayride, a dark forest, a pitch-black maze, and the zombie apocalypse? Venture into Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction in Scranton, PA, a 66-acre haunt featuring 5 terrifying attractions and more than 90 minutes of scare time! HAUNTED HAYRIDE Begin your journey into 66 acres of dark trails and darker creatures by climbing aboard this tractor-pulled hay wagon. All may seem safe at first with your fellow passengers, but you’re in for the longest, scariest time of your life. As you venture deeper and deeper into the Realm of Reaper’s Forest, be ready for what waits for you in the darkness. Reaper’s own soul-searching creatures and bloodthirsty zombies are lurking at every twist and turn, finding delight in discovering your inner fears. Prepare yourself for the most horrifying ride of your life – it may be your last! LOST CARNIVAL Make your way next to the Lost Carnival – a sideshow populated by the souls of freaks, clowns, and other oddities. But this is no fun day at the circus. The inhabitants of the Lost Carnival are deranged and demented, and they’re waiting for you… their audience for their encore performance. If you’re lucky, you may reach the Tunnel of Love to make your escape. But what will you find on the other side? DELIRIUM Enter a world of multiple dimensions where everything is coming off the walls and scaring you at every turn. Do you have what it takes to brave an altered reality. This attraction brings Test Your Fate to another level – be afraid…. be very afraid. PITCH BLACK Built in 1862, Pitch Black Incorporated was once a thriving light bulb factory that employed a large portion of the population from Lackawanna County. A horrific electrical accident took place in 1924, causing Mr. Black to close the factory for good, after losing his wife Abigale and much of his workforce in this tragedy. However, locals state that Pitch Black Inc. is still very much alive, even though the lights have been off for years. It has been reported that a few brave souls have entered the darkness over the years, but were never seen again. You have been warned… Enter at your own risk. SECTOR 13 The Eastern half of the United States has suffered a massive bio-nuclear attack. You are among the few survivors to escape the cannibalistic mutants and make it to Sector 13, the last remaining bridge to the relatively “normal” Western US. But Sector 13 was made to contain mutants – not provide a quick exit. New terrors await around each corner as you navigate to safety, and not all the inmates can be contained. Will you escape the maze, or find yourself at a dead end? Be careful where you go, because in this high-intensity maze of psychological scares, turning back may not be an option.
460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18447
(570) 254-8038

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Recommended for Guests 12 and over (SCARY)

Haunted House
Midway (Games)
Haunted Forest
Haunted Trails
Zombie Paintball
3D Haunted House
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$69 Ticket includes all 5 attractions. Individual attraction prices are not available. VIP Pass: additional $30 Parking: $3 Zombie Paintball: $5
2023 SEASON RATES Get your admission tickets to Reapers Revenge! Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction in Scranton, PA provides scary entertainment during the greater Halloween season. Pay One Price Ticket includes all 5 haunt attractions Individual attraction prices are not available. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Ticket purchases at the Haunt ticket booth are cash only. ATM onsite $69 General Admission Ticket -available online and at ticket booth $59 Friday General Admission Ticket (with coupon) -must print coupon (one coupon per person) and purchase ticket at ticket booth $49 Sunday General Admission Ticket (with coupon) -must print coupon (one coupon per person) and purchase ticket at ticket booth $99 VIP Package General Admission ticket and VIP Upgrade together. Available online and at ticket booth $30 VIP UPGRADE An additional $25 with your General Admission ticket, available at ticket box only, not available online. Shorten your wait and enjoy the Reapers Revenge haunted experience sooner by purchasing a VIP Upgrade at the Reapers Revenge Haunt Ticket Booth. Remember, you also need a general admission ticket to be used with your VIP Upgrade. PARKING: $3 $3 payable in cash only at the parking lot attendance gate. Carpool to avoid multiple parking charges. Please inform the parking attendants if you are just dropping off. ZOMBIE PAINTBALL: $5 40 shots for $5 A midway style shooting game. BUY TICKETS ONLINE


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460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18447

Your Admission Ticket entitles you to ONE entry into Reaper’s Revenge. Your ticket is a
revocable license and may be taken and admission refused upon return of admission
price. Holder of this ticket understands that there is inherent risk involved with attending
Reaper’s Revenge. Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with
participating in Reaper’s Revenge.

In acceptance by entrance into Reaper’s Revenge, holder agrees to release, and hold harmless, the operator, affiliates, officers, employees and landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost of expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending Reaper’s Revenge or any of its attractions. In case of closure we will honor your tickets any other night from date of purchase through the end of the current season. No refunds will be given.

By entering Reaper’s Revenge you are granting us permission to use your image or likeness for security and/or promotional purposes (including but not limited to print, digital and social applications) without permission or compensation. Violating any Reaper’s Revenge rules may result in a warning or your removal from Reaper’s Revenge without a refund.

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