ABOUT "Dark Walk"
This October, hop on a bus and "Head Off" to camp. The Dark Walk Haunted Camp Tour takes you on a haunted excursion unlike any other. Votive lights, lanterns and torches illuminate a winding trail that guides guests through areas of the old Times Farm Camp rarely seen by the general public. The tour exposes the camp's bizarre history and explores some of its lesser known landmarks before heading off into the dark, foreboding woods. Tour an old camp thought by many to be abandoned; Where, along with Autumn's chill, a strange cast of characters has arrived. What is their connection to a 13 year gap in the camp's history? Could they be attracted by the evil that emanates from the remnants of the old toy factory? These and other questions will be explored as you travel through the thin veil separating the world of the living and that of the dead. Join world-renowned researcher of the unexplained & bizarre history- Professor A. Nachtleiter on a journey to the beyond. But BEWARE; this otherworldly encounter may be too intense for some visitors. Do you have the courage to discover what hidden horrors lie on the path?
73 Times Farm Road, Andover, Connecticut, 06238
(860) 742-22

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Ticket And Price Information
Advance Ticket Purchase via Website: Saturday October 11, Friday October 17, Saturday October 18, Friday October 24 and Saturday October 25, 2014. Walk-ins welcome but attendance is limited, so advance tickets are strongly encouraged!!! - Saturday October 11 (Sneak Peek) - Advanced: $15 per person Door: $18 per person All Other nights -Advanced $22 per person Door: $25 per person

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73 Times Farm Road, Andover, Connecticut, 06238
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