ABOUT "Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse"
GA Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: Zombies stumbling out of the darkness at every turn. Moans of the undead blanketing the air. The last bastion of humanity fires a flurry of bullets from a machine gun. The discharge of firepower illuminates the blackness. But the moans grow steadily louder. The flesh eaters are closing in. All hope is lost. No, this isn?t a scene from the next blockbuster horror flick. It?s straight out of a new groundbreaking Halloween attraction, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. Tired of the same old seasonal haunted houses, a group of filmmakers and special effects artists have joined forces to take the concept to the next interactive level. The same creative minds who frightened audiences with their work on Rob Zombie?s ?Halloween 2,? ?The Vampire Diaries? and the upcoming TV series ?The Walking Dead? are setting the ultimate apocalyptic stage. Guests are being plopped into what feels like a Hollywood movie come to life. Zombies hungering for brains are coming from all directions as visitors scramble in and out of buildings, up and down stairs, and across 35 acres of an abandoned truck stop. Led by a rugged, ragtag squad of post military zombie ?ghters, the goal is the survival of the human race. Soldiers take the group through this wasteland of destruction and gore keeping the zombies at bay with heavy artillery. The fight for life takes place in and around 90,000 square-feet of interior space featuring a two-story motel, ransacked restaurants, looted businesses, trashed of?ces, long and desolate hallways, sprawling courtyards, and expansive truck garages If the group moves quickly and sticks close to the soldiers, they stand a chance. But not everyone will make it out alive. With a barrage of gun?re, explosions, car crashes, blood, guts and zombie attacks, it feels as if the end of the world is upon us. Those lucky enough to make it out alive can get in on the act. For the ?rst time ever, guests can arm themselves with paintball guns and shoot live zombies on one of the designated courses. Thanks to a crew of seasoned ?lm professionals, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is real as it gets. As Atlanta burns for a second time, the face of Halloween will never be the same.
4215 Thurman Rd, Atlanta, Georgia, 30288

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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GA Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS: The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is an immersive Horror Attraction like nothing seen or experienced before.
Open Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st Thursdays through Sundays Oc - 8pm - Midnight


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4215 Thurman Rd, Atlanta, Georgia, 30288
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