ABOUT "Unseen Bowling Green"
Unseen Bowling Green’s Haunted History Walking Tour will guide your family on a ghostly adventure you never knew existed in Bowling Green’s Downtown. The tour will disclose histories, mysteries, scandals and haunts rooted around Fountain Square Park. Each tour will visit haunted and historic locations, an eerie cemetery and will enter a secret haunted location that has been closed to the public for nearly 100 years. Each story and location have been carefully researched to ensure that you’ll get both the facts and the history that has been passed from generation to generation. Not every story will be from the history books, as so many of life’s adventures are never recorded, but you can rest assured the stories are not made-up. Each story is solidly based on history or local hearsay. Unseen Bowling Green considers this tour family friendly, but it's completely up to the parents' discretion whether or not the tour is appropriate for their child. The tour will cover ghost story, the effects of the Civil War, deaths and lynching. The tour walks in intervals for 1.3 miles total. There is one staircase which can be avoided if necessary. Those with disabilities please let us know as soon as possible so further arrangements can be made if needed. Please pay advance to secure your ticket/s. 10% of all tour ticket proceeds are donated to support the Landmark Association.
915 College St, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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915 College St, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101
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