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Come if you dare and stroll through the Haunted Fairgrounds! A hay ride will wind you through the fairgrounds to Heritage Park where you will begin your encounter with the dark side of the Noble County Fairgrounds. Take a trip through the time warp, slither through the snake pit, sit for a spell in the electric chair, go underground in the mine shaft, cast a spell with the witches, join the circus, and run from all the other monsters. The haunt will be October 18th and 25th from 7:00 to 11:30 each night. Cost is $5.00 per person. Not recommend for persons under 13 years of age. The journey lasts approximately 45 minutes and encompasses Heritage Park and three large barns. Refreshments will be available at registration. Read more: http://hauntedfairgrounds.webnode.com/ Create your own website for free: http://us.webnode.com


Fairground Road, Caldwell, Ohio, 43724

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Fairground Road, Caldwell, Ohio, 43724


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