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The Haunted Barn is a self guided tour through your worst nightmares. Each year the entire haunt is redesigned from top to bottom with this year being the most terrifying. From horrific creatures, live animals, hidden rooms and even transporting you to another dimension, this years haunt is one you don't want to miss!


362 Stringer Rd, Canton, Georgia, 30115


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8.67 out of 10
ABOUT "Cagle's Haunted Barn"
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In a privately owned chemical testing facility, scientists were creating a cure that would help eliminate the global energy crisis. After months of trial and error, the scientists finished testing on “the cure” and were ready to announce its arrival to the world. Just before the worldwide reveal, a radical group of masked vigilantes broke into the testing facility, attacked and killed everyone inside. Unbeknownst to the murderers, the directors of the facility knew the importance and value of “the cure” and sent samples of the formula to various safe houses throughout the country. The Vile masked group is now on a mission of their own, discovering and targeting all safe houses that contain “the cure” and destroying everyone and everything that stand in their way. It is your job to keep “the cure” safe. Enter one of the last safe houses and protect “the cure” from the masked and dangerous group that is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to obtain it. A dilapidated warehouse located in Canton, Georgia was supposed to conceal and protect the “the cure”, but their perimeter was breached. These men and women are attacking anyone or anything in possession of this extraordinary cure in hopes of destroying it and all of humanities’ hope. So, are you brave enough to enter the targeted warehouse? Come and see if you escape with “the cure” and survive a trip through VILE!
Friday & Saturday - Dark - 11:00PM


362 Stringer Rd, Canton, Georgia, 30115

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