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ABOUT "Factory of Terror"
The Factory of Terror, located in Canton, Ohio, is one of the LARGEST INDOOR HAUNTED HOUSES IN THE WORLD! The Factory has been recognized by Guinness World Records three times for this achievement. There are plenty of haunted houses in Ohio, but none MANUFACTURE NIGHTMARES as startling and as intense as the Factory of Terror! Factory of Terror’s reputation for industrial thrills and chills draws massive crowds from the tri-state area every year. This enormous haunt is more than a mile long and consists of five unique spine-chilling attractions; 1300 Lost Souls, Industrial Nightmare, Lafayette 13 (BRAND NEW FOR 2019!), Massacre on Mahoning, and The House of Nightmares. All five attractions (or scare zones) operate linearly and are re-queued along the way to maintain spacing between groups. Every haunt’s queue line is indoors and out of the weather, a big plus when dealing with NE Ohio’s unpredictable weather. To take advantage of every minute, talented actors and performers are scattered throughout the queue lines to entertain patrons as they anxiously await to enter each attraction. Halfway through the heart-pounding tour, NEW for 2019 patrons will be able to visit the brand new midway, “French Quarter at the Factory.” Here, guests can take a breather and enjoy concessions & more with their friends while being transported into Bourbon Street and the French Quarter of New Orleans. We might even have some treats for the over 21 crowd at Forsaken Bar on Bourbon, AND our selection of concessions is expanded. Over the years, this once quick pass-through area has emerged into a fun-filled gathering place full of activities, and that tradition has only gotten even more exciting for this upcoming season. It also allows timid patrons time to calm down, regroup, and gather their courage to continue on to our final 2 spine-tingling attractions. Not only do these five attractions have some of the most HIGHLY DETAILED AND ELABORATE SETS in the haunt industry, they are paired with an incredibly talented team of scare-actors and specialty performers. The Factory of Terror employs over 130 actors and staff, in addition to more than 500 of the industry’s scariest monsters and high tech animatronics. The Factory of Terror has committed itself to keeping up with current product developments in the industry as well as the trends of the culture, both of which are reflected in the guests’ experience.
4215 Mahoning Road Northeast, Canton, Ohio, 44705
(330) 455-3327

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2019 HAUNTED HOUSE TICKET PRICES: Tickets available online & on site Fridays & Saturdays: $28* Sundays: $25* Halloween (Thursday 10/31/19): $28* *$1 service fee added for all onsite credit/debit
Fridays & Saturdays ~ 7pm-Midnight* Sundays ~ 6-9pm* Halloween Night (10/31) ~ 8-11pm* *Box Office opens 30 minutes prior to show open, and closes 30 minutes prior to show close. If you are IN LINE when the box office closes, you will be permitted to buy a ticket. All ticketed customers will be allowed to experience the entire show. Verify with website for most up to date schedule

4215 Mahoning Road Northeast, Canton, Ohio, 44705
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