ABOUT "Nightmare's Gate Haunted House"
You have been sentenced to an eternity behind Nightmare's Gate. Sentence to be carried out at Brasky State Prison in Douglasville, Georgia. You are to report between the dates of October 1st and October 31st 2010. For your crimes you will be incarcerated behind the walls of Brasky State Prison.The Gate Guards will escort you through dead man alley where prisoners are shot dead trying to escape and we leave their bodies to rot as a warning to others. You will be processed and indoctrinated by Evil Emily and Warden Brasky. The Warden's face is the last you will see in this world as you are administered CBC4179. You see simple incarceration isn't at all what we do here at Brasky State Prison. We prefer to send you beyond Nightmare's Gate where you will walk among those things polite people don't talk about. Any screaming you hear may be your own. And not to worry... whatever nightmare's you can not imagine we will be happy to provide. There is no where safe behind our walls, or in your mind! Nightmare's Gate opens it's doors to Georgia October 1st, 2010. You will laugh and scream and create memories to share with friends and family forever. The doors open at 8pm each night in October. Last ticket is sold at 12 Midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 11PM Sunday through Thursday. Come enjoy the spirit of Halloween with people that live to entertain you! You will be immersed in our world and experience things you have never seen before in any other haunted house. You won't know what is coming next, but you will be talking about it with your friends for the rest of your lives.
4179 Vansant Road, Douglasville, Georgia, 30135

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Nightmare's Gate Haunted House PHOTOS

4179 Vansant Road, Douglasville, Georgia, 30135
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