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ABOUT "Spooky Ranch"
Over 30 Terrifying Years of scares, Spooky Ranch, "Cleveland's Premier Haunted Event" is a Halloween spectacle that should not be missed. 5 Haunted Attractions for 1 Low Price!. The most technically advanced haunted hayride and haunted attractions in the state of Ohio. All five themed attractions: The Haunted Barn, Famous Haunted Hayride, Blood Slingers Saloon, Monster Visions in 3-D and Extreme Nightmares (parental advisory for anyone under 10 years of age) feature hi-tech special effects and lighting, actors with scripted speaking parts and very detailed facades and scenes that will make you feel that you are in a Hollywood production. Explosive pyrotechnics and larger-than-life 30-foot animated creatures will astound you. Cleveland's Haunted attraction that truly caters to the masses and all generations of people. We have such a wide variety of attractions, that there is something for everyone at Spooky Ranch from mild scares to extremely frightening and entertaining. We offer different levels of screams with are different packages available with the mild package 2 up to the extreme scare thriller in Extreme Package 1. We are well-known for having the best, hi-tech and most unique Haunted Hayride in the Buckeye state. Nothing Like it in the entire world. "not your ordinary boring hayride or haunted houses." Come to a scream park on a real equestrian horse ranch in the country for a whole night of quality entertainment, scares, foot tents, pumpkins, souvenirs and fun!
19066 East River Rd, Columbia Station, Ohio, 44028

Haunted Houses

Suitable for All Guests and Families (MILD SCARES AND HALLOWEEN FUN)

Haunted House
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Ticket And Price Information
Package 1 All 5 attractions 1 Great Value! (parental supervision recommended) Extreme Nightmares Haunted House The Famous Haunted Hayride The Haunted Barn Blood Slingers Saloon Monster Vision in 3-D $30.00 for ages 11 & above $18.00 for ages 10 & under Package 2- The Basic Haunted Hayride Package-(MILD scares) Monster Vision in 3-D The Famous Haunted Hayride The Haunted Barn $25.00 for guests 11 & older $18.00 for guests 10 & under Package 3 Haunted House only Package $25.00 ages 11 & above (not recommended for children 10 & under) Extreme Nightmares Blood Slingers Saloon Monster Vision in 3-D Front of the line access skip all lines and waiting Speed Pass / VIP Pass VIP Pass comes with a VIP Badge and front of the line access to all attractions $45.00 for ages 11 and older $35.00 for ages 10 & under CASH Preferred Cash, credit cards ans apply pay accepted at ticket booth Other: food concessions, fair food, pumpkins, farm market & souvenir shop. Open to public. No reservations necessary. Group packages and rates available for group of 25 people or more booked ahead of time.
September 22 - October 31, 2023 - Fridays & Saturdays 7:00 to 11:30PM. Thursdays & Sundays 7pm-9:30pm (beginning October 8 open every Sunday & Thursday night.) Open on Halloween night Tuesday, October 31, 2023 from 7pm-9:30PM.


Spooky Ranch VIDEOS

19066 East River Rd, Columbia Station, Ohio, 44028
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