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OCTOBER NEARLY SOLD OUT! Get 50% OFF!! Use code GHOSTS for 1/2 off Rolling Hills Asylum tickets on Oct 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 26, 27, 29, 30 - these are the ONLY Ghost Hunt tickets left for October 2017! October 19 - Join Psychic Medium Deb Montelone and her spirit guides as she leads guests through the 60,000 sq. ft three buildings and tunnel that encompasses this very haunted asylum! October 30 9:30pm - Do the Time Warp Again! Rocky Horror Picture Show projected above a casket in the haunted rec room with a LIVE CAST TOO! Dress as your fav charachter from Rocky Horror! DAMN IT JANET! Don't miss this!! October 30 - Dinner with a Ghost - Catered dinner followed by a self guided ghost hunt! Dress up your best white sheet for a most unique old time ghost costume contest! Get Tickets via www.RollingHillsAsylum.com We are open year round! Dates now posted through December 2016! Established January 1, 1827 as the Genesee County Poor House, with the addition of the Genesse County Infirmary in 1938 and then converted to the Genesee County Nursing Home in 1964 (affectionately called "the old county home" by the locals) was originally a working farm that became a hodgepodge community for the castoffs of society. Referred to as inmates, the residents included widows, orphans, grandparents, civil war veterans, Native Americans, drunkards, mentally and physically disabled, even criminals. all mingled and lived here together. With over 1,700 documented deaths, and hundreds, if not thousands of others unrecorded, the unclaimed dead were buried on the properties own potters field. Rolling Hills Asylum's plethora of paranormal activity has made it a sought after location for many of the top paranormal shows including SyFy's Ghost Hunters as well as Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge series. Last fall, FX filmed a six part web promo for their American Horror Story "Asylum" season.   Known for an abundance of Class "A" EVPs, it is not unusual for spirits to call out visitors by name. Full body apparitions, shadow people, disembodied voices, and the infamous "Screaming Lady" send chills up the spines of even the toughest of the tough guys. So whether you are a skeptic, an arm chair paranormal enthusiast or a seasoned investigator, get yourself committed to Rolling Hills Asylum...if you dare! Tune in to Haunted USA on Travel Channel Sunday October 22 to see Rolling Hills Asylum! And on October 26 NextVR releases a 3d/virtually reality ghost hunt! Check your phone's ap store for NextVR.
11001 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany, New York, 14054

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Get Committed to Rolling Hills Asylum! Sure - anyone, even your kids, can make it through a theatrical-style haunted house, but what about a TRULY Haunted Location With REAL Ghosts? Do You Dare Roam the Halls Alone? No Actors No Fog No SFX What you experience is all REAL REAL Ghosts In a Truly Haunted Asylum! OCTOBER OFFERS 1/2 Price Tuesday Win Wednesday (win a pair of Movie tix) Free Logo Thursdays (while supplies last) Tuesday through Saturday 3 Hr. Psych Holds - $30pp+tax Times vary. Most nights there are multiple tours/times to choose from. Includes a guided tour through the 60,000 sq. ft. facility followed by a self guided ghost hunt. Sundays Historical - Tour Only - 4pm-6pm - $20pp+tax Flashlight - Tour Only - 9:30pm-11:30pm - $25pp+tax Horror Movie - 9pm - $15pp+tax Movie projected above a casket! Includes snack & soft drink NOVEMBER thru SEPTEMBER - PUBLIC TOURS, HUNTS, EVENTS Sundays Only Historical Tour - 4pm-6pm- $20pp+tax Flashlight Tour - 9:30pm-11:30pm - $25pp+tax A guided tour only through the 60,000 sq. ft. facility. Horror Movie -9pm $15pp+tax Horror Movie projected above a casket! Includes snack & soft drink All the following include a guided tour through the 60,000 sq. ft. facility followed by a self guided ghost hunt. 3 Hr. Psych Holds - $30pp+tax Thursdays 7:30p - 10:30pm 4 Hr. Detained - $40pp+tax - Select Fridays or Saturdays 5 Hr. ICU - $50pp+tax - Dates VaryDates Vary 8 Hr. Captive - $65pp+tax - Select Fridays or Saturdays PRIVATE HUNTS This is a PRIVATE experience for you and your friends. Includes a guided tour followed by a self guided ghost hunt. Mid-Week Quarantined (5 hrs)- $500+ tax - Max 10ppl Select Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights Quarantined (8 hrs)- $1050+ tax Max 10 ppl ppl or (9 hrs)- $1500+ tax- Max 12 p Select Fridays or Saturdays - Age Restrictions Apply. See Rules, FAQ, What To Bring links via the website
OCTOBER NEARLY SOLD OUT - use code FLASH48 for 1/2 off Rolling Hills Asylum tickets on Oct 24, 26, & 27 - these are the ONLY tix Ghost Hunt tix available in October - still have Movie tix - Sunday Oct 23 - CONJURING 2 - Oct 30 - ALL HALLOWS EVE with Zack from 94.1 the Zone - giving away FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH SHINEDOWN TIX www.RollingHillsAsylum.com don't forget to check out November tix at www.RollingHilsAsylum.ticketleap.com - Get Committed to a 3 hr Psych Hold! Tuesday through Saturday - 3 Hr Psych Hold - a guided tour followed by a self guided ghost hunt. Sunday - Historical Tour - guided tour only - Movie 7p-9p, Flashlight - guided tour only 1/2 Price Tuesdays - $15pp - 6p-9p, 9:30p-12:30p Win Wednesday - $30pp - 6p-9p, 9:30p-12:30p Free RHA Logo Item Thursday - $30 - 6p-9p, 9:30p-12:30p Friday - $30 - 6p-9p, 9:30p-12:30p, 1a-4a Saturday- $30 - 2p-5p, 6p-9p, 9:30p-12:30p, 1a-4a Sunday - 2p-4p, 7p-9p, 9:30p -11:30p


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11001 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany, New York, 14054
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