ABOUT "Greenville Zombie Outbreak Virtual Reality Zombie Shoot"
The Zombie Shoot Just Got An UPGRADE! The Greenville Zombie Outbreak continues in 2018 and no one is safe! This Halloween attraction is a totally immersive virtual reality haunted house without the haunted house! You will truly be amazed at the detail in this virtual zombie apocalypse scenario. DarkStar VR believes there is far too much fluff and BS in haunted house marketing. So we are bringing you an entirely different kind of haunted attraction Completely in Virtual Reality! This is what you can expect: You can forget about pretending to shoot actors made up like zombies with empty airsoft guns or paintballs (how lame) You want to see heads explode! We heard you and we have revolutionized the zombie shoot! Once you strap on the head mounted display, it is like waking up in a world filled with the walking dead that have taken over the underground compound in Greenville South Carolina. You will be debriefed on the elevator ride down into the compound over 20 floors underground. Once the doors open, you get a brief lesson on the controls then let the Zombie Shoot begin. Bring all of your friends! Just know that once we strap you into the VR headset you will be ALL ALONE in the compound full of zombies. Your friends cant help you now Oh there will be BRAAAAAAIIINS! In VR we can do things that actors cant do so when you shoot our zombies in the head you get a satisfactory blood spray. Real talk You can see how wet the blood is according to one of our victimser guests. The zombie shoot has been brought into modern times with the help of DarkStar Virtual Reality! For Halloween 2018 we are excited to be teaming up with our friends at Nightmare Dungeon! Our VR zombie shoot experience will be set up there adding to their crazy haunted attraction! So after you shoot zombies, plan on checking out the scariest haunted house in Greenville while you are there. It is a genuine Halloween horror fest!(NOTE: We are a separate attraction. Tickets to Nightmare Dungeon are a separate purchase.) Halloween Refund Policy: NO refunds. NO exceptions.
645 Old Anderson Road, Greenville, South Carolina, 29611

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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TICKETS: $20 Cash at the door LOCATION: Nightmare Dungeon: 645 Old Anderson Rd, Greenville SC 29611 (Powdersville area) DATES: Open EVERY NIGHT Sept 14th-Nov 3rd, EVERY NIGHT IN OCTOBER!

Greenville Zombie Outbreak Virtual Reality Zombie Shoot VIDEOS

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645 Old Anderson Road, Greenville, South Carolina, 29611

WARNING: This attraction is intended for MATURE audiences. There will be scenes of virtual violence and aggressive actors on site.  You have been warned!!!

Note:  Due to HARDWARE design, the VR headsets fit ages 13 and up

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