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ABOUT "Frightmare Farms Haunted SCREAM Park"
Frightmare Farms Haunted SCREAM Park located in Central New York is the regions most award winning haunted attractions. We feature FOUR haunted attractions. Professor Whitaker has been searching endlessly across the globe for supernatural antiquities, objects that any man would be too terrified to possess. Come visit the Professor’s estate this season, and see what relics he has brought back from his most recent travels from around the world. Are you ready to believe in the Supernatural? The Condemned Haunted Mine Trail Experience The Whitaker family has been dumping all the cursed artifacts and other items that are too dangerously evil to be kept indoors. All of this has become a festering pile of evil that has also attracted all sorts of monstrous scavengers that have moved into the area. Do you dare walk thru what remains? The Professor’s Twisted Labyrinth presents Blood Moon Rising The professor's most recent collection of creatures has been unleashed like never before! The twist and turns of the infamous labyrinth reveal that there is something new lurking behind every corner! Hungry and thirsty for blood, the creatures have made the labyrinth their new hunting ground! Their screams and howls will no longer be silent...and neither will yours! The Professor's Haunted Estate presents Winter's Harvest Frigid air has plagued the Whittaker Estate much earlier in the season than usual. As the final flakes of a record snowfall cover the rooftops, the homes roaring fires are extinguished by the gusty winds and the movement of uninvited creatures. Whispers warn to watch out for these scarecrow beasts, who show no mercy as they forcibly settle in...they are determined to reap the souls of the living and survive this cold harvest season …but will you? It has quickly become clear, the death of this year's harvest isn’t the only thing that will be mourned! The Forbidden Frightmare Forest Haunted Hayride Within the foothills of the sprawling Whitaker Estate lays a dormant town whose secrets are as haunting as the murderers and vagabonds who tortured the now-departed! Leaving so many questions unanswered - was it bloodthirst, the thrill of the kill, or supernatural forces that was able to make a sleepy town’s screams haunt every night? The professor is willing to share his latest unearthing of twisted tails but only with those brave enough to board the hayride and venture into...Frightmare Forest!
4816 State Route 49, Fulton, New York, 13069

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Recommended for Guests 12 and over (SCARY)

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This multi-attraction event hosts four amazingly detailed attractions. - Tickets are $17 for any single attraction - All- four attraction pass is only $40, save time and buy online
We open October1st, 2021 thru Oct 30th, every Friday and Saturday Tickets sold from 7 pm- 10 pm. And also open Sunday, October 10th, from 7-9pm. The Haunted Attractions remains open until the last guest goes through all attractions.


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4816 State Route 49, Fulton, New York, 13069
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