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Milburn's Haunted Manor Logo Milburn's Haunted Manor
11503 Broadacres Rd NE
Hubbard, Oregon, 97032

Critics choice as scariest haunted house in Oregon. Milburn's Offers two haunted attractions: The Haunted Manor - A classic style haunted house. People always said that little little Suzie wasn't quite right, a little odd...unfortunately for Suzie's parents their suspicions were correct. In the Fall of 1927 the small quiet town of Hubbard Oregon was shocked with its first double homicide, suicide. But time has passed...none now remember the Manor's dark secret and history has faded to fable. Do you dare enter the old Milburn estate? The Dark: Enter the dark if you dare. As the name implies be prepared to wander in areas of complete darkness where only ghouls and zombies can see and hide.… The Dark offers a total immersion experience. If you are afraid of the dark or are at all claustrophobic, The Dark will have you screaming for more.
Covered lines, commons and dining, free parking. Full concessions offered by our very own Graveside Grill offering up a variety of carnival style foods and snacks. Deep fried Snickers, corn dogs, fresh cut curly fries and more. A moon lit pumpkin patch to meet your gourd shopping needs. Haunts are $10 each attraction or a Dual pass for both haunts for $15. Haunted Manor is wheelchair accessible. About Image 2
What makes Milburn's different? Being a smaller country haunt Milburn's can provide a more personal huanted house experience. Unlike the larger city haunts Milburn's will never "conga line" our guest through our haunts. We ensure that your group will get an individual, theatrical experience. This spacing allows us to immerse your group in our "haunted theater" approach for a more intimate, 360 degree experience... Something the larger, high volume, "through-put" haunts cannot do. So come out to the country and let us "put you into a horror film".
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