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THE BARN OF TERROR AND THE CIRCLE OF HELL - Evil has a following..... Starting Friday September 29th. Lake Katrine, NY (just outside of Kingston, NY) Open every Fri. Sat. & Sun. from Sept. 29 to Oct. 29, 7pm until no bodies left.... Featuring 8 rooms of bloodcurdling barn frights, the horrifying silo, a mind-bending corn maze, shocking mineshaft, eerie field house, the cursed Cornville, and of course the Kobbe family and their mysterious followers.....


25 ThruView Farm Road, Lake Katrine, New York, 12449


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ABOUT "The Barn Of Terror"
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THE BARN OF TERROR AND THE CIRCLE OF HELL OPENING September 29th in Lake Katrine, NY As overseen by Mr. Kobbe (a man of frightening appearance that some say is actually the notorious ‘Corn Master’, a figure of local legend), and his elusive wife and two children (whose exact parentage isn't certain), the Kobbe farm out on Old King’s Highway stands largely unnoticed most of the year. However, at the time of the fall harvest--again according to local legend--the farm becomes the subject of greater interest, with local folk spreading disturbing stories of people going into the property, but never coming out again. Past local police investigations have revealed no conclusive evidence of foul play; but, no additional reports or follow up have ever materialized. The Kobbes are themselves very reclusive; no one really knows very much about them in fact (or can remember exactly how long they have lived at the farm). On rare occasions passersby have seen Mr. Kobbe walking through his cornfields with what appear to be pitchforks or other tools of some kind. The land around the farm is bordered by creeks and railroad tracks, making it hard for nosey neighbors to trespass. Some who claim to have done so say that dead crows litter the landscape around the farm and that, at night, the scarecrows seem to move around on their own. As if the usual crop of Kobbe Farm rumors weren't disturbing enough, there's been a recent development on the creepy farm that has set many a tongue to wag: The Family has visitors; people as mysterious and anonymous perhaps as the Kobbes themselves, appear to have made the farm their home. The identity of these visitors is the subject of much speculation (are they locals or strangers from the city?); their behavior equally strange--nightly gatherings take place in the corn fields, with robed strangers marching about in lines, dancing in circles - and careful observers report strange and disturbing sounds coming from deeper within the corn rows. What does this all mean for the poor beleaguered community? What fresh nightmare has been unleashed from within the depths of the corn?! INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELF
Opening Friday September 29th and every weekend in October. - 7pm til no bodies


25 ThruView Farm Road, Lake Katrine, New York, 12449

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