ABOUT "Nightmare on 19th Street"
Texas haunted house, Nightmare on 19th Street, HIGHLIGHTS: Nightmare on 19th Street, Lubbock's only Halloween Scream Park!! 1. CITY OF THE LOST: The gods of antiquity , the demons, the monsters, relegated to the last unknown place on earth. A place long ago discovered by man, but never survived. They lie in secret building their strength with human blood , as they always have. Joining together to bring about a new reign of darkness, they feed upon the innocent who dare to seek them out. Flesh growing upon rotten bone ,as mold upon moist wood. They are transforming back into earthly form, and preparing a harvest the bounty of which will return to them the powers of the gods ,and wreak upon the earth a plague of suffering never before known. Their powers grow and the time draws near. It has been called the City of the Lost, soon to be lost no more. 2. Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium. There is simply something extremely un-nerving about hospitials in general, and this attraction "feverishly" captilized on this fear. Within the walls of the aslyum you should expect an assorted array of escaped mental patients, all eager to show you just how sane they are! You should also expect detailed set-designs, new animatronics, CGI and your life to shortly be at an end. Should you actually make it to the end of this attraction, you might be surprised to find out what Dr. Nexum has been "cooking up" for you. 3. The Blood Moon Manor has been one of West Texas' top rated haunted houses for the last three years. From start to finish, it is 20 minutes of pure horror. Once inside, you will brave the halls of a Victorian-style manor, rotted both with age and dark imaginations. The unrivaled actor make-up FX and set-design will immediately make you feel as if you were the victim in some deranged horror movie. Dividing the Manor is the Blood Moon Cemetary, where within lays ominous crypts among other things... Inside this attraction, you should expect to see odes to popular horror movies, a host of larger-than-life animatronics and let's not forget .... the true face of fear. http://www.nightmareon19thstreet.com/
602 East 19th Street, Lubbock, Texas, 79404

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Texas haunted house, Nightmare on 19th Street, SPECIAL EVENTS: Check our website regularly for updates and special events http://www.nightmareon19thstreet.com/

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602 East 19th Street, Lubbock, Texas, 79404
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