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Warning Tayman Graveyard
4721 Cecilia Avenue
Midlothian, Texas, 76065

Please note that Tayman Graveyard has attractions that cover a wide variety of terrain. These include both indoor and outdoor haunts. As such, you will traverse dirt, grass, uneven terrain, you may have to crawl and move through tight areas. It is highly recommended that you wear close toe shoes and appropriate clothing. Strobe lights may be in use in some attractions. Some areas contain limited lighting. Our attractions are not recommended for persons who are pregnant, those with back or heart conditions, or people with physical or mental ailments which may impair their ability to safely journey through the attractions. If you have a specific condition but wish to go through, please notify us so that we can assist you with your journey. Tayman Graveyard is a TOUCH HAUNT, and as such you may be touched by the actors as you go through. You may not touch the actors or props. Doing so will result in your expulsion from the park without refund. While the staff of Tayman Graveyard makes every reasonable effort to tone down the show when younger guests are present, we advise all parents to take note that our show is fairly intense. We do not use nudity in the show. There is however, language, violence, and situations which some may consider objectionable. If you are unsure whether or not we may be appropriate for your group, we recommend that you contact us before hand to ask any questions you may have.


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