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ABOUT "Nightmare in the Gorge"
Explore southern West Virginia’s scariest haunted house attraction, Nightmare in the Gorge, at ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill, WV. The Mad Butcher and his friends are coming back to the New River Gorge this fall for more terrifying thrills inside the Warehouse of Terror. New for 2018 the Devil’s Mine Shaft will take you deep into the depths of your darkest fears. Experience BOTH haunted attractions for just one price. Find out why folks love flying into the darkness on ACE’s Night Zip Line trips. After your spine tingling night of fear unwind at The Lost Paddle with food, drinks, and live music. Warehouse of Terror Step inside this 6,000 square foot warehouse crawling with terrifying members of the Rehmeyer looking to capture and torture you. You are sure to encounter their many victims inside this dark labyrinth of rooms and hallways. Explore the Rehmeyer family home, the workshop, the butcher shop and the basement as you run for your life. Crusty, Ellie Mae, Zeb, Pogo the clown, and over 30 monsters will be trying to make you a permanent feature inside the Warehouse of Terror. Devil’s Mine Shaft New for 2018 we are constructing a mine shaft tunnel that will take you deep into the pit of your darkest fears. Climb down into this dark tunnel to find creatures hiding in the shadows and old miners still trying to find the surface. Don’t get lost or you may end up wandering the dark tunnels inside the Devil’s Mine Shaft for all eternity.
1 Concho Road, Minden, West Virginia, 25879

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Pricing Adults - $15 Youth(17 & under) - $13
We are open Friday and Saturdays from 7pm-12am. We will sell our last ticket at 11pm. Lights Out - November 3rd Are you brave enough to do it in the dark? Your group will be armed with ONE glow stick to find your way through the haunted maze.


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1 Concho Road, Minden, West Virginia, 25879
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