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Legend has it that....... 150 years ago the Heap Family purchased a Healthy plot of farm land. It has been told, that the previous owner was a peculiar eccentric old chap who grew several acres of corn to trade with local farmers. No one really knows why but eventually , he started to shred everything he found. He shredded belongings, his home, and everything in his estate. He flat out went insane. The town folks started calling him "The Shredder". One dark foggy night, "The Shredder" came up missing under a full moon. The following day a search party went looking for him but never found the old man. The one thing they did find was, shredded corn stalks from boundary line to boundary line. They also discovered blood soaked tracks leading into one of his fields that disappeared into the rows of corn. He was never seen again. Now on full moons, the old man can be seen walking in and out of the cornfield. The dark shadowy figure comes out to feed, and can at times be heard laughing insanely with the unknown forces that lie within the boundaries of his corn. Some people have witnessed odd looking lights looming within the corn. The family dog refuses to go near the corn. And in the fall when the family harvests their corn crop, they always get this ere feeling that someone is watching and lingering in the corn. At times the earth cracks open for no reason at all, or out in the Middle of the cornfield lies a shredded row of corn.


4853U.S. 52, Minooka, Illinois, 60447


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ABOUT "Heap's Haunted Corn MAZE"
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Heaps Haunted Corn Maze: Get ready to scream! Moonlight Hayride: (Non-Haunted) Tractor drawn hayride through the farm. If you are up for a relaxing evening under the stars in the country, then this is the attraction for you! The tractor will take you on a 20-30 minute moonlight hayride through the farm. It is extremely peaceful and the night lit sky will make the experience worthwhile. Flashlight Maze: (Non-Haunted) Think you’re an excellent problem solver? Try your hand in the flash light maze. Haunted Corn Maze $12.00 Flash Light Maze $5.00 (Non Haunted) Moon Light Hayride $6.00 (Non Haunted) Moonlight Combo Special $15.00 : Includes Haunted Corn Maze, Flashlight Maze & Moonlight Hay Ride
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Haunted Corn Maze $12.00 Flash Light Maze $5.00 (Non Haunted) Moon Light Hayride $6.00 (Non Haunted) Moonlight Combo Special $15.00 : Includes Haunted Corn Maze, Flashlight Maze & Moonlight Hay Ride - Groups of 12 or more people get a $2.00-per-person discount. Please call or email 24 hours in advance to arrange for the Group Rate - heapfarms@gmail.com (815) 719-0730 No other discounts apply when taking advantage of Group Rates. Haunted Maze $10.00 Combo $13.00
2014 October 3,4 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 - 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM


4853U.S. 52, Minooka, Illinois, 60447

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