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1010 Route 17M
Monroe, New York, 10950


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Orange County New York is the home of Pure Terror Scream Park, rated by as one of the scariest haunted houses in America.

Pure Terror Scream Park is located in the lower Hudson Valley area of New York state. It’s a short drive from New York City and is one of the largest and scariest haunted attractions in NY, NJ, CT & PA. “It’s the most extreme, adrenaline-filled, heart-pounding haunted attractions in the Tri-State area,” boasts owner and creator Bob Nordquist. Since opening its haunt doors in 2010, the Pure Terror focus has always been on high impact scares that are simply over the top and in-your-face approach to scaring people that’s brought Pure Terror Scream Park overwhelming and rapid success.

World Famous Pure Terror Scream Park… The Scariest Haunted House & Haunted Trail Attraction In Orange County NY, Rockland County NY, New York City (NYC), New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania Area!

Pure Terror Scream Park is voted one of the scariest haunted house scream parks in America by Delivering one of the largest & scariest Haunted House Attractions in the country, Pure Terrors Haunted Houses and Haunted Trail is BACK and ALL NEW for 2016!

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11 Huge Haunted House Attractions at 1 Location… Over 2 Miles Of ALL NEW Haunted House & Haunted Trail Attractions For 2015!

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Haunted House…

ALL NEW For 2016!

Trail of Terror is ALL NEW for 2016. Trail of Terror will take you deep into the Woods where the Trail leads and as you continue deeper into the trail there is no turning back… you have just entered a whole new level of horror! The Trail will lead you to the 6 Huge Haunted Houses, once you exit the Trail you will continue to the next haunted house.

Phobia Haunted House…

ALL NEW For 2016!

Necropolis Cemerety Haunted Attraction is ALL NEW for 2015. When you enter this haunted house you are welcomed to the smell of death. The stench will be the least of your worries… around every corner death awaits you! This Haunted House Attraction is like no other in the world you will be going in and out of crypts and up and down creepy death filled hills of restless souls. The monster's are everywhere in this attraction.

Buried Alive Haunted House…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Buried Alive Haunted House is ALL NEW for 2015. This haunted house will take you into pitch darkness of this old abandoned house as you navigate your way through the blackout trying to find an end to your nightmare… the monsters in this haunted house are pure evil and want to tear your soul apart!

The Asylum Haunted House…

ALL NEW For 2015!

The Asylum Haunted House is ALL NEW for 2015 and will make your stomach turn! This horrifying mental ward is where the criminally insane were left for dead… through every twist and turn, you will experience first hand why no one can escape this ward.

House Of The Dead Haunted House…

ALL NEW For 2015!

House Of The Dead Haunted House is ALL NEW for 2015! The Terror begins as soon as you step into this haunted house as the roaming dead await you. This haunted attraction will make your worst terrifying nightmares become a reality.

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