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Be here for a terrifying journey through the Windy City’s dark side and the hungry and haunting underworld beyond. Will you be able to conquer your fear? Now In its third terrifying season Fear City 2013 has redefined the traditional haunted house. With top 13 rankings in each of its first two seasons from Chicagohauntedhouse.com and accredited reviews on programs such as NBC, WGN, 190 North and Mancow in the Morning - season three will take your breath away...Literally! All new for 2013 Fables Studios presents “Carnivale” An all-new Interactive Haunted Sideshow at Fear City. Step back in time and discover the remains of this twisted carnival of horror, guaranteed to make you laugh and SCREAM. Can you survive the games of Carnivale? Fables “Carnivale” was forced into hiding in Fear City’s underground in 1913, Sealed in for eternity. Now, exactly 100 years later, construction in Fear City tunnels has exposed the long hidden evil within. This Halloween … come one and all and test your luck ... Are you brave enough for Fables Carnivale? Fear City 2013 $25 - Fables Studios: Carnavale' $15 - Enjoy both for $35 - Fast Pass for Fear City only, $10 additional. DISCOUNTS FOR U.S. MILITARY IN UNIFORM AVAILABLE. Check out our Facebook page for additional discounts.
8240 Austin, Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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FEAR CITY TRICK OR TREAT FEST Fear City's "Trick or Treat Fest" is 2013's "must see" Halloween event for the entire family, focused on children 12 and under. Come enjoy a day full of Halloween treats on Saturday, October 26 from 2 to 6 pm at Fear City Haunted House, 8240 Austin Avenue (between Oakton & Dempster). Plenty of free parking...all for just $6 per person. To entertain the family, there will be a specially guided - age appropriate tour of the "Best Haunted House in Chicago"! There will also be games, face painting, ghost stories, bounce house and other fun family things to do with snacks and treats. The event is sponsored in part by "Father & Son Pizza" in Skokie. Come make this Halloween that special one you and your children will remember. Day Of The Dead (Dias De Los Muertes) Oct 30 - Nov 2
October 4 - November 2, 2013


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8240 Austin, Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053
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