ABOUT "Spooky Lane Haunted Farm"
"At The Location Of A Very Old Country Homestead " Take A Peaceful Stroll Through The Burial Grounds With Spirits From Our Past, They Are Lonely & Have Been Patiently Awaiting Visitors. Use Cauious Steps, No Need To Rush As Many Spirits Wander The Homestead & Want To Welcome You. Continue Into The Farm House & Join Them In Their Living Quarters For A Bone Tingling Experience While They Entertain You & Yours With Visions From The Past. Before You Leave They May Need Your Assistance To Tend Farm Animals, If You Spend A Little Time In The LivestockPens. Drawn To The Country & A Walk Down Spooky Lane. Your Not Afraid Of The Quiet Beauty Or A Moon Lite Walk Under The Stars, Holding Someone Close, Heart Beats Matching Your Steps & In The Moon Light The Craving Becomes More Real, Eyes Start Playing Evil Tricks Decieving You, Building Inside You Fear So Intense That Turning Back To Where You Have Been Is More Frightning Than Heading Deeper Into The Over Growth Of Wicked Trees & Nature's Wilds, As You Realize You Don't Need To Worry About Being Left Alone Where Years Ago Children Played & Farmers Worked, Until It Comes Alive, Something Lurking In The Thick Underbrush Of Ghostly Trees? The Scare Crew? To Guide You Out Of "The Dark Unknown"
2545 Kygar Road, Nyssa, Oregon, 97913

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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The Location Is Perfect On An Old Homestead With The Original House Still Standing. Then There Is The Haunted Lane That Runs Over A Mile Near The Owyhee River The Old Drive Way Winding Up To The Farm House. After The Nights Haunts The Scare Crew Hangs Out Feasting On Fears & Chatting With Their Victims & Concessions To Sweeten The Night. Perfect Date Night !
October 5th - 27th 2012


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2545 Kygar Road, Nyssa, Oregon, 97913
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