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We are family owned and hand build almost every prop you will see out of recycled materials. our Haunt is over 80% recycled and donated items. We believe in recycling as much as possible. Our haunted house/ haunted walk is free and Will always stay free. We enjoy giving back to the community in the way of hosting this event every year. This haunted house/ walk will take about 20 min to get through and we do adhere to the state regulations regarding haunted houses to provide a safe and fun place. We do have candy and non-edible treats at the front gate for the little ones, as going through the Haunt might be too scary for them. We also have treats for the ones who do go through so that no one is left out. 100 year old will still gets a treat because we are all kids at heart. There will also be benches provide to sit on out front For those waiting on friends and family. We started this Haunt to provide some Halloween fun for the ages 12 and up but all ages are welcome. Live actors volunteer every year to help scare. We have such a wonderful crew working with us that year after year they come back. Many memories have been made here and there will be many more in the future. We are currently looking into acquiring a building to host the Haunt as a permanent holiday event (sept 22-nov2) in future years. We do accept donations to help with the cost of running this event or donations of animal food/ supplies for the Blackwell animal shelter and tiny paws kitten rescue in Stillwater ( not affiliated with them, we just like to help) We believe in Loving all our community and find joy in giving back to it.


1116 s. 9th st , Ponca city , Oklahoma, 74601


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ABOUT "House On The Hill Haunt "
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Free entry, donations are welcome
October 31st, 7pm- 10pm


1116 s. 9th st , Ponca city , Oklahoma, 74601

  1. Caution we do have strobe lights, if you have a medical condition that requires them turned off so that you and your party may go through, then please inform the Gate Keeper and a guide will go ahead of you and turn them off. 

  2. All shoes must be worn at all times

  3. we are not responsible for lost items or people. 

  4. We also have on site security for the safest quality experience.

  5. recomended ages 12 & up

  6. we are not responsible for injuries of any kind (hangnails included) 

  7. Do not touch props or actors and they will not touch you

  8. all children must be with an adult at all times

  9. No alcohol 

  10. Those with a heart condition may not want to enter

  11. Caution low ceilings and uneven ground 


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