Realm of Terror (2018 Best Haunted House) If you have been looking for the Craziest, Most Intense, Extreme Halloween Experience... You have found it. The Realm of Terror is the Highest-Ever rated Haunted House in Illinois, even named a #1 Haunted House and has been featured in Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald, Chicago Sun Times, WGN News & Radio and more. Featuring the best in Make-up Effects created and supervised by FACE OFF Season 9 star, Stevie Calabrese you can expect to see some of the scariest things a mind could conjure. Walk through fully immersive sets created by professional set designers, and experience horror even with your eyes tightly shut with soundscapes custom created to set a horrifying tone. From the Parking Lot to the very last moment, you will be inside of a winding maze of extreme terror unlike any other. This October season, visit the best haunted house between Chicago and Milwaukee, a Haunted House designed to not only to scare you, but to crawl into your head and mess you up for life.

421 w rollins rd , round lake beach , Illinois, 60073


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ABOUT "Realm of Terror"
Realm of Terror (2018 IL Best Haunted House Yet)
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$25 general admission haunted house tickets
Realm of Terror Haunted House (2018 Illinois Best Haunted House) September 28, 2018: Open 7-10pm September 29, 2018: Open 7-10pm October 5, 2018: Open 7-12am October 6, 2018: Open 7-12am October 7, 2018: Open 7-10pm October 12, 2018: Open 7-12am October 13, 2018: Open 7-12am October 19, 2018: Open 7-12am October 20, 2018: Open 7-12am October 21, 2018: Open 7-10pm October 26, 2018: Open 7-12am October 27, 2018: Open 7-12am October 28, 2018: Open 7-10pm November 3, 2018: Open 7-12am - SPECIAL EVENT Bloodbath! Get Covered in Blood in this One-Night-Only Exclusive Event. Ponchos are Available. Wear White and get Discounted Admission!


421 w rollins rd , round lake beach , Illinois, 60073

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