ABOUT "Hotel of Horror"
The Pocono Mountains Premier Haunted House Attraction Welcome to The Legendary Lake House Hotel of Horror  Saylorsburg, Pa 18353 The Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares Halloween Haunted House Attractions are both housed inside the Legendary Lake House Hotel in the picturesqe Pocono Mountains. Intertwined and breathing next to one another, sharing organs and a circulatory system like conjoined twins. The sinister subconscious of the Hotel of Horror feeds off the dark energy that stains the lumber skeleton of this once pristine mountain resort, while Altered Nightmares celebrates the chaos that grows stronger as each soul travels through its decaying halls and abandoned rooms. Please enter with caution as the inmates run this asylum. This 2020 season will celebrate the 28th year that The Hotel of Horror has been fascinating and horrifying legions of fans from the far reaches of The United States and even internationally. Witness for yourself why we are critically acclaimed. Both are indoor walk-through haunted houses that are open rain or shine with a covered wait. Set Designs, Characters, and Storyline change year to year in this 200+ year-old "abandoned' mountain resort. Conveniently located at the Saylorsburg exit just off of Route 33 easily accessible from Route 80 and Route 78. This is what Halloween and Horror are all about.
Street Address, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353

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Recommended for Guests 16 and over (VERY SCARY)
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Friday and Saturday: Hotel of Horror $25.00 Combo Ticket- Hotel of Horror & Altered Nightmares $35 Sunday Savings Hotel of Horror $20.00 Combo Ticket- Hotel of Horror & Altered Nightmares $30
Sept 25th - November 6th, 2021, Fri, Sat, Sun. See Calendars and Website for complete details. - Fri & Sat 6- 11pm, Sun 7-10pm

Street Address, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353

There is an inherent risk of COVID-19 exposure that exists in any public place where people are present- if you do not feel comfortable assuming that risk- Please plan your visit to the Hotel of Horror for Next Season. Thank you. 

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