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ABOUT "Haunted Shadows Lake Trail"
Haunted Shadows Lake Trail is a self-guided journey of over one mile through the woods and weeds along the shore of Lake Lewisville in The Colony. Now in it's 12th year! The Story Behind Haunted Shadows Lake Trail Years ago under the Good 'Ole Boy system a local farmer named Brody found a unique way to profit from the misfortunes of the public. For the right fee, Brody would accept troubled individuals and place them to work on his secluded farm. The Sheriff's department often found Brody's offer an attractive alternative to the criminal justice system. With Insane Asylums a thing of the past, there were families that were only too ready to "place" their embarrassing problem with Brody when he promised to make their problem "go away". There were even cases of traveling carnivals that found Brody, again for the right fee, was willing to take on their freak show beings who had worn out their welcome. Out of sight and out of mind, the Brody system worked well. Brody grew wealthy and the troubled souls found that while they were protected from public persecution, they had paid a stiff price. The discarded ones found themselves almost totally isolated from the society that had rejected them. Within this protective enclave they worked, lived, and died. Many are now buried under nameless tombstones on the farm's cemetery; a testament to their forgotten lives. It was the end of an era when Brody passed away. An era that the public should have been ashamed of, if only they had known. But while Brody's passing ended the wretched system, many who worked on the Brody property are still there. Their bitterness toward society has been simmering for decades. They have been plotting their revenge. They are out there on the trail. Haunted Shadows Lake Trail.
7801 Main Street, The Colony, Texas, 75056
(469) 384-3400

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Recommended for Guests 12 and over (SCARY)
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Ticket And Price Information
$25 Admission Tickets are purchased at the front desk at Blue Sky Sports Center, 7801 North Main in The Colony, Texas. Credit cards accepted. Free parking. Concession and rest rooms are available at the Blue Sky Sports Center indoor soccer facility. There are no refunds for any reason. Haunted Shadows Lake Trail reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason. Group discounts (20 or more) are available, please call ahead.
Haunted Shadows plans to be open each weekend evening in October in all weather conditions except a torrential downpour. Come dressed for the conditions. If it is chilly, wear a jacket. If there is a light rain or showers, wear a wind breaker or poncho. If it is muddy, wear appropriate shoes.

7801 Main Street, The Colony, Texas, 75056
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