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The multi award winning Forest of Fear, located 35 miles north of NYC, has been Rated the SCARIEST Haunted attraction in New York State yet again! One admission, 7 haunts, group rates available, NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12!


600Route 17A, Tuxedo Park, New York, 10987


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ABOUT "The Forest of Fear"
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The multiple award-winning live action horror spectacular is back! WARNING! The Forest of Fear is NOT for children! Group Discounts. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TUXEDO PARK, NY: Renaissance Entertainment Productions is proud to announce another terrifying season of The Forest of Fear — the Times Herald-Record Reader’s Choice Winner and one of SCAREFACTOR.COM’s Top 31 Must-See Haunts in America. The year’s ultimate frightmare features SEVEN completely re-imagineered attractions for one admission price! The Forest of Fear will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, October 6 through 29, 2017. EXPECT A LONG WAIT IN LINE SATURDAYS Each attraction brings a unique flavor of fear: • Blind Panic — Don’t trust your eyes — this medical madhouse is a masterwork of misdirection and mayhem! • CarniEVIL of the Damned — The lucky ones are captured by psychotic clowns. The unlucky find them waiting under their beds. • Craven Brothers Chainsaw Repair — If you can hear the telltale roar of the two-stroke engine and the high-pitched scream of ragged steel teeth racing around a blood-crusted bar… it’s already too late! • The Hot Zone — Somebody has been very careless with our Biosafety Level 4 contamination controls, but don’t worry! You’ll be fine, as long as you don’t eat anything… or touch anything… or inhale… • Mourningwood Cemetary — Welcome to our necropolis — a city of the dead where crypts rise like condos and ghosts don’t welcome strangers! • The Slaughterhouse — They say you should never see how the sausage is made — especially from inside the meat grinder. • Uncle Jimmy's Place — This is where all the fun starts! Just remember — a Party at Uncle Jimmy’s is always BYOB: Bring Your Own Bodybag! “Producing a world-class, live action horror event is unlike any other theatrical experience,” said Darlene Patrick, Creative Director of the Forest of Fear. “We are uniquely fortunate to have some of the most respected names in the industry designing, building and performing with us.” Members of the Forest of Fear creative team teach a wide range of Haunt skills at nationally-renowned industry events including HAuNTcon (the Haunt Attraction National Tradeshow), the National Haunter’s Convention, TransWorld’s Halloween and Attractions Show and the Midwest Haunter’s Convention. “Each year since its founding 25 years ago, The Forest of Fear has grown and set new standards for interactive haunt attractions,” said Gillian Losa, General Manager. “With professional live performers and award-winning special effects, make-up and design staff, The Forest of Fear leads the region in creativity and spine-chilling terror!” Make it a night to dismember! Browse in our mini Chopping Maul. Enjoy free classic horror movies. See www.theforestoffear.com for tickets. Not recommended for children under 12. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights, October 6 thru 29, 2017 • Fridays: 7pm until the last person walks through • Saturdays: 7pm until the last person walks through • Sundays: 7pm until the last person walks through Location: 600 Route 17A – Tuxedo, NY 10987 • 30 Minutes from Manhattan; in the heart of the Hudson Valley • 9 miles south of The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Tickets are available: • In advance on-line at: www.theforestoffear.com — avoid the wait! • OR in person at the Gate Box Office on event night. Admission includes: One Entry to SEVEN Haunted Attractions: Blind Panic, CarniEVIL of the Damned, Craven Brothers, The Hot Zone, Mourningwood Cemetary, The Slaughterhouse and Uncle Jimmie's Place. SPECIAL EVENTS will be held all season! Subscribe to the Forest of Fear Newsletter for details! About the Forest of Fear: The Forest of Fear has provided Halloween thrills to Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey fans each Autumn for 26 years. Presented by Renaissance Entertainment Productions, The Forest of Fear features professional performers as well as nationally-recognized fright masters to create the premier interactive haunt that has been named New York’s #1 Scariest Haunted Attraction by Hauntworld.com *The Forest of Fear is NOT for children under 12 years of age.
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NEW! VIP Panic Pack! $40 Fri - $30 Sat - $30 Sun - $25 Squad Sale Rates! GROUP RATES FOR 15 or more!
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October 6 - November 3 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights VIP Panic Pack! $40 Fridays: 7pm Last Entry at 11pm $30 Saturdays: 7pm Last Entry at11pm $30 Sundays: 7pm Last Entry at10pm $25 - Group sales of 15 people or more get special rates! We stay open until the last ticket holder goes through. Expect to stand in line. Rain or Shine. Partial outdoor, partial indoor event. NO refunds, not for children under 12 years of age. Free admission to our vendor area. If you have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before attending.


600Route 17A, Tuxedo Park, New York, 10987

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The Forest of Fear is rated for those 12 yrs and older. Our content will be disturbing to some. If you don't want to see it, don't buy a ticket. Be aware Strobe Lights, flashing lights spinning rooms and fog is used in our haunts. If you have a medical condition please check with your doctor before attending. NO REFUNDS If we scare you too much, we have done our job. Expect long wait times on Saturday nights! Wear sensible shoes and warm clothes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be intoxicated. We reserve the right to use your likeness in promotional materials. - Too scared to continue: During October 2016 - 101 total patrons asked to be safely escorted out. During October 2015 - 87 total patrons asked to be safely escorted out . During October 2014 - 93 total patrons asked to be safely escorted out . During October 2013 - 89 total patrons asked to be safely escorted out .


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