ABOUT "Witch's Woods"
MA Haunted Houses HIGHLIGHTS: Our haunted hayride is about 20 minutes long, and is a fright filled adventure for ages 6 and up. You can't run from the zombies during the hayride, you'll only escape if your tractor driver can outdrive them. Hold on and brace yourself for attacks from the witch, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and maybe even something else that has no name. If you are looking for the longest haunted hayride in New England, and the only haunted hayride in Massachusetts, look no further than Witch's Woods. General Admission also includes access to 3 haunted houses. Nightmare Mansion is our featured haunted house, with screams around every corner. Castle Morbid is a dark dungeon that will change the way you think about haunted houses. Anyone can get in, but getting out of Castle Morbid requires nerves of steel. Our 3D Keeper's Crypt is a terrifying walk into the next dimension of horror! This haunted house has gremlins and scary furry things lurking in every area. With 3D images popping out of the walls, you'll have a hard time distinguishing what's real until you feel the cold breath on your neck! It's beyond a haunted house, in 3D! In addition to our haunted hayride and haunted houses, we also have 2 self-guided attractions. The Jack O' Lantern Jamboree is a collection of professionally carved pumpkins in a brightly lit display. Horrorwood Chamber of Chills features vignettes from Horror films, decorated with scenery and characters from your favorite classic Halloween films. Don't let your guard down yet, some of these characters might come to life while you watch, and they've become very hungry trapped in their glass jail cells. Will you enter the woods? Will you face the unknown with courage, cover your face in fear, or scream uncontrollably?
79 Powers Road, Westford, Massachusetts, 01886

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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MA Haunted Houses SPECIAL EVENTS: Thursday thru Sunday nights Tickets 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm Hayrides 7:00 pm until closed
Thursday - Sunday, October 1 - 31 - 6:30 pm until the last guest has finished all haunts


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79 Powers Road, Westford, Massachusetts, 01886
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