ABOUT "Old Montana Prison"
Many have asked if the Old Montana Prison really is haunted. Hearing about the horrific events that occurred in these old buildings during their violent history as the Territorial and State Prison, it’s not surprising that many of our visitors feel unnerved when entering some areas. We hear reports of eerie sounds, a sudden coldness, fleeting shadows, strange mists, darting figures, unpleasant smells, and feelings of dread. Many Paranormal Investigation teams have visited the Prison over the years, and most if not all of them have witnessed and experienced activity that defies explanation. Film and digital cameras, voice recorders, temperature gauges, thermal imaging cameras, K2 meters and other equipment have recorded many of the paranormal events that frequent these historic buildings. Well, is it haunted?? Keep your mind open, nobody has all the answers. Not even the experts!
1106 Main Street, Deer Lodge, Montana, 59722

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Old Montana Prison is located in the Old Montana Prison Complex, which houses five unique museums inside its historic prison walls. The complex includes the Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday's Playthings and the Montana Auto Museum. One fee covers all five museums. Discover yesteryear when you step into the first Territorial Prison in the western United States. The prison was built by convict labor in the late 1800s. The gray sandstone walls of this immense structure are 24 feet high and buried 4 feet deep to prevent escape by tunneling. You can visit the enclosed courtyard where the convicts exercised, and walk through their austere cell blocks and feel the chills of maximum-security cells. The last prisoners were moved in 1979 after which the facility was opened to the public. - SEASON AND HOURS OF OPERATION: Season: All Year Hours: Spring Hours (March - May): 10am - 4pm Wednesday through Sunday (Closed Monday and Tuesday) Summer Hours (May - September): 8am - 6pm daily Fall Hours (September - December): 10am - 4pm Wednesday - Sunday (Closed Monday and Tuesday) Closed mid December - early March


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1106 Main Street, Deer Lodge, Montana, 59722
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