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ABOUT "SPOOKY WORLD presents Nightmare New England"
Americas Most Terrifying Scream Park Returns September 21st! New Englands legendary "SpookyWorld presents Nightmare New England" with 80 bone chilling, hair-raising acres of horror, scares, and unforgettable characters. f . Situated outside along the wooded banks and breathtaking foliage of the Merrimack River, Spooky World presents Nightmare New England immerses visitors deep into the dark, creepy history that borne this twisted trail of terror. Located in Litchfield, N.H. (just 5 minutes from Manchester and 45 minutes north of Boston), this nationally acclaimed Scream Park offers something for everyone-- five original, award-winning haunted attractions, including the mile-long Haunted Hayride! The Monster Midway plays host to sideshow attractions, live music, go-kart racing, mini-golf, laser tag, laser maze, concessions, a fire pit, beer garden and more! The park provides ample parking and can easily accommodate large groups. With their terrifying haunted attractions, hundreds of nightmarish characters, and the most frightening atmosphere around, visitors from all 50 states have proven that at SpookyWorld presents Nightmare New England Halloween is not just a holiday but a destination, open from September 21st to November 3rd. For more information please visit: Spooky World is ranked one of the best haunted in the U.S., and being named by Yahoo Travel as the Worlds Scariest Theme Park. For four consecutive years, Spooky World was listed among the "Top 12 Eerie Elite" in the nation by Americas Best Haunts, the eminent authority on thrill attractions. Haunted Attraction magazine named Spooky World one of the 25 Must-See Haunted Attractions. The scream park is also featured in a newly released book Spooky Creepy Boston, by Nicholas Goodwin. "SpookyWorld is deadly serious business" - Boston Phoenix "Nightmare is a dream come true worth the trip for chills and thrills" - Boston Metro "The fear and terror at SpookyWorld is all in good fun" - Boston Herald "Just the thought is enough to raise the hair on the back of the neck and lodge a queasy feeling in the pit of the stomach" - The Union Leader "When the ticket taker asks if you have problems with claustrophobia, be honest. This place will leave you gasping." - Boston Herald "Forty acres of frightful excitement, what more could you ask for?" - The Boston Globe
454 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield, New Hampshire, 03052
(603) 424-7999

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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454 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield, New Hampshire, 03052
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