ABOUT "Sacramento Horror Film Festival"
Every member of staff and crew prides themselves on the highest of quality. All Sacramento Horror Film Festival productions are multifaceted entertainment events feature something new every time, from live music, costume contests, performance art, and intermission mini-shows. No two shows are the same! Tim Meunier, SHFF director and founder, has forged these spectacular events as a staple of the Sacramento alternative arts and entertainment community by applying the dedication, energy and an overall love for the culture into each event the company sponsors. From the realistic special effects and organ-tossing action of Repo! Live to the audience being part of the show in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, SHFF’s Ambers Sweets Theatre Troupe has something for everyone. Employing almost 30 teenagers and young adults, this program has become a safe place to encourage creativity, teambuilding and self esteem by inviting youth to experience the dedication and satisfaction that comes from the hard work needed to put on theatre performances of this magnitude. SHFF Concerts support both local and wider-known bands in a variety of music styles in fun, high-energy events. Coupled with raffles, giveaways, contests and more, no two shows are the same, but they all guarantee to impress! 2015, SHFF has combined forces with Sac-Con & Sac Anime founder Dan Houck to produce SINISTER CREATURE CON, an sfx oriented convention and expo that is poised to present 70% artists and the craftsmen & women in the fx industry to 30% vendor. 2016, SHFF is scheduled for a name and branding change as well as launch its 100% theatrical troupe, BSSC, with it's first performance "The Official George A Romero's Night of the Living Dead" in the fall of 2016.
3522 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, California, 95820
(916) 869-8954

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Sacramento Horror Film Festival PHOTOS

3522 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, California, 95820
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