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ABOUT "Haunted Hornet"
The Haunted Hornet - A SHIPLOAD of FEAR! October 8th - October 31st, 2016 In 1975, five years after being decommissioned of her naval status, the aircraft carrier USS Hornet was modified to undergo a top secret mission to the Bermuda Triangle. After a grueling six months at sea, the crew finally found…something. What they found began to wreak havoc on the ship and her instruments, so the mission was scrubbed and Hornet returned to her decommissioned status at Alameda Point. Only now have we been able to access these areas of the ship that were affected. Only now have we begun to learn what happened. What did they find? Where did it come from? Come see for yourself onboard Haunted Hornet! Haunted Hornet, in Alameda, California is a haunted attraction presented by ScareCo, Inc., which brings you ON BOARD the historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet for a SHIPLOAD of FEAR! Take the long walk down the pier, and you’ll hear the groaning and creaking of the Hornet as she floats on the water, moored in her spot. Gaze up at the sheer height and massiveness of her hull as you are made to walk across her gangway and step inside through a narrow and steel-plated bulkhead door. Your journey into the unknown discovery of Haunted Hornet is about to begin. You are sent though several areas of the ship that were previously off limits to guests, glimpse things which have not viewed the light of day in decades, and put on display in ways that have never been seen before! Each space is packed with monsters, ghouls and all manner of creatures that will stop at nothing to both stun and terrify customers over and over again. First opened in 2015, Haunted Hornet is known as the only aircraft carrier in the world which hosts a haunted attraction on the ship itself, with the added benefit of the ship being actually haunted. Haunted Hornet is bringing you to a new level in fear.
707West Hornet Avenue, Alameda, California, 94501

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Come early in October, and SAVE $5! October 8th - October 22nd : $30 October 23rd - October 31st : $35 A portion of all ticket sales goes directly back into the funding and refurbishment of the ship. - Come early in October, and SAVE $5! October 8th - October 22nd : $30 October 23rd - October 31st : $35
Haunted Hornet returns to the USS Hornet for the 2016 Halloween season this October 8th, running Fridays - Sundays through October 31st 2016. The event is open from 7pm - Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and from 7pm-11pm on Sundays.


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707West Hornet Avenue, Alameda, California, 94501
ALL PATRONS ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK. NO REFUNDS. This attraction contains high impact scares and strobe lights which may not be suitable for people with heart conditions or those prone to seizures. Attraction may include the use of intense audio, low lighting, fog, moving floors, special effects as well as spraying water. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE HISTORIC NATURE OF THE SHIP WE ARE NOT ADA ACCESSIBLE. We highly recommend you DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are wearing any form of cast, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitation. In order to access the ship, you must be able to walk up/down stairs as well as up/down angled ladders. Sorry, NO pregnant women, infants, or children (as well as children being carried) will be allowed entry. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 10 Owners & Sponsors are not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises. - We do not permit aggressive or vulgar behavior towards our staff or other customers at any time. Smoking and the drinking of alcoholic beverages inside out event is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal. No weapons of any kind are allowed on site. We reserve the right to remove any patron from the event if we feel it is necessary. THIS IS A LIVE SHIP! Do not touch any controls and switches. Do not cross any chain or open any closed doors. *Violations of these or any other posted rules at the event will result in a warning and then being asked to leave without a refund*
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