ABOUT "Valley of the Haunted"
Do you dare to enter the trail? Over 200 years ago, on the property of what is now known as Camp Hidden Valley, a wheat farmer and his wife, along with their young son Topher, moved to the quiet countryside of Maryland, near Deer Creek. The Valley family longed for a better way of life in the quiet hills of the rural suburb and all was well for many years, or so it seemed. Topher developed a dark, obsessive fascination with clowns after visiting a traveling circus that came through town. He began to hear the high-pitched voice of a clown named Zee, which began to fill Topher’s young mind with many dark and dangerous ideas. Late one fall afternoon in October, Zee seized the opportunity to carry out his deadly plan using Topher as his accomplice. Ringing the dinner bell in a maniacal rhythm, Zee declared, “It’s time!” Like a puppet, Topher unleashed Zee’s reign of terror until all that remained were the two of them, alone on a misty trail in the dark woods along Deer Creek. As years past, Zee would drive Topher to invite even more of the undead into their lair in the woods to fulfill their mission of ridding the world of all forms of human life. Each year since that fateful day, every evening in October, Topher Valley rings the deadly bell to summon the dead to walk among the living and claim as many victims as possible, fueling Zee’s thirst for blood. Do you dare enter the Valley of the Haunted to experience Topher’s trail of death on his nights of reclamation?
4722 Mellow Road, White Hall, Maryland, 21161

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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4722 Mellow Road, White Hall, Maryland, 21161
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