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ABOUT "Haunted Magnolia Hotel"
You are invited to a guided ghost tour of the Haunted Magnolia Hotel given by Erin Wallace Ghedi, author of the Haunted Seguin and Haunted New Braunfels books from the History Press. Come experience a change of a lifetime to engage the ghost that haunt the historic Magnolia Hotel. Built in 1840 by Texas Rangers as the first stagecoach station and 3 room frontier hotel in Seguin. With the addition of the second story and remodeling completed in 1850, the new 10 room hotel served the area for the growing expansion of settlers and travelers who came to central Texas for the raw land in the mid to late 1800's. Through the years of struggle after the civil war, and the resurgence of central Texas population from the arrival of the first railroad in 1875, the hotel thrived with activity. It was the main social gathering point for the town of Seguin for many years until the 1930's when the hotel fell into disrepair after several newer hotels were built and travelers sought newer accommodations. Over the 170 years of the hotel existence it has housed many who fell to an untimely or strange death and are known to haunt and remain at the old hotel. Some of the most notable haunts include notorious murderer William Faust, a renowned pharmacist who killed little Emma Voeckler during a evening of rage. The distressed traveling salesman who committed suicide by cutting his throat while staying at the hotel. The Indian attack that killed the original owner of the hotel. The death of the young woman disparately waiting for the stagecoach arrival with her beau, who strangely never arrived. Others include several orphaned children, William, Jenny, and Itsy who seemed to have never left the hotel after their deaths. One of the most famous haunts comes from the fortune teller, Ms Idella who for many years held local guest and travelers under her mystic control in the old adobe portion of the original hotel.
203 S Crockett St, Seguin, Texas, 78155

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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We offer guided ghost tours on selected Friday and Saturday nights from 7;00pm-9:00pm. - Friday and Saturday 7:00pm-9:00pm

203 S Crockett St, Seguin, Texas, 78155
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