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Scream City Washington DC Logo Scream City Washington DC
2400 East Capitol Street Northeast
Washington, District of Columbia, 20003

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Steelhead Productions presents Scream City Washington DC featuring two completely indoor high-end state of the art haunted houses in one location at RFK Stadium/DC Armory in the District of Columbia! Steelhead Productions is nationally known for creating, producing and managing famous haunts including the Maryland based Field of Screams Maryland, which is Rated #1 Multi-haunt and the Best Haunted House and Scream Park in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Delaware!
Moonlight falls on the bent, rusted, twisted, wrought iron fence encircling the overgrown Victorian mansion. A cold wind swirls about, easing open the gate with a distinctive, chilling screech. Bloodstains sink deep into the floorboards of the porch and the musty smell of death and decay is evident in the midst of the cool fall breeze. Evil dwells in this place. Do you dare enter this crumbling house that was once called home by a wealthy DC family back in the late 1800's? Shortly after their third daughter was born on Halloween night, the family mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Some claim the baby girl was the spawn of Satan himself and was possessed by a powerful demon that unleashed it's unholy power on the family. Others say the father went mad and killed them all after realizing who his wife had given birth to. Whatever the case may be, this fall, the doors will be pried open, the shutters will be unlatched, the curtains opened, and the dust that has been settled for so long will be brushed aside for those that dare enter. Come see the tattered wallpaper, rotting beams and lonely statues that certainly will tell the tail of what happened that fateful Halloween night in 1874. About Us Image 5
About Us Image 6 Loud, crashing, rusty gears use to grind and rip the flesh off the bone of animals being slaughtered. Buzz saws pierce the air, as the overwhelming purr of heavy machinery vibrated the very ground you walked on in this sick and twisted factory. Years ago it was a booming business until madness, greed and power infected the owner. It started with a small employee slipped and severed a finger that ended up being ground up with the day’s beef product. Instead of shutting down, cleaning and recalling, the money hungry owner shipped out the meat not wanting to waste precious time or profits. And if he would have stopped there, he might have gotten away with it. But it got worse, way worse. Before long, he started slipping further into his derranged darkness realizing he could do just about anything in his factory. Shards of bone, hair and even teeth were found riddled throughout the ground meats. The owner had gone completely insane, fueled by the thrill of the slaughter. Nothing could quench his thirst for human blood, spilled across the cold, stained, concrete walls and floors. The authorities were contacted but it was too late. Almost all of his staff was slaughtered like livestock one fateful night and displayed like sides of beef hanging on rusty meat hooks stabbed through wrists and ankles. The authorities called in a SWAT team to capture the maniac but even they couldn't stomach the horrors that were within. The putrid stench of rotting human flesh filled the air. The maze of hanging corpses made navigating the facility almost impossible and the team soon pulled out and sealed the factory. Locals claim to hear a saw running late at night and see a flickering light coming from one of the windows. Is it possible the owner is still around after 30 years living off the corpses of his employees? Find out for yourself as you journey through this stomach churning, and sickening, factory of terror!


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