ABOUT "Zombie Shoot"
Every Friday and Saturday Night in October starting at 7pm...come see the incredible additions to this year's Zombie Shoot!!!!! Come experience this intense and incredible event for yourself (Airborn buses, the Zombie slide, cars blowing up and more)!!! Also includes: haunted laser tag and the haunted walking trail with a pitch black maze that you may never find your way out of. Moonshiners Haunted house features secret escape doors and the Bridge of Terror leading into THE SWAMP that's been added to the haunted trail!!! Take the 20 passenger zombie slaying vehicle throughout the fields and slay the zombies before they slay you! You will be shooting them with special "zombie stopping" TRACER paintballs. They will not be shooting you but they will be trying to infect you and turn you into the walking dead! This is Wisconsin's best interactive haunt that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Set in a creepy area, zombies will be coming out of castles, pirate ships and the woods to attack you. Try to survive until the end!!! You won't get hit, but you might get bit! $19 for the bus ride and 100 rounds of zombie slaying ammo. $24 for the bus ride, 100 rounds of ammo, Haunted Laser Tag and the Wicked Woods Walking Trail. For more info go to www.commandopaintballsports.com or call 920-826-5554.
2055 Frontier Rd, Little Suamico, Wisconsin, 54141

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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2055 Frontier Rd, Little Suamico, Wisconsin, 54141
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