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ABOUT "Fear Forest "
Looking for your worst fears to come true? Come live your nightmares! A FULL IMMERSION HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE WITH THREE HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS AT ONE LOCATION! Located in Harrisonburg, Virginia - Celebrating 14 SEASONS of blood sweat and fears... we take FEAR to a whole new level! We offer lighted parking area, a hay wagon ride, food concessions, souvenirs, music & DJ, actor photo ops/entertainment, and bonfire to warm your chilled bones! Each year we invest a large amount into improvements to our show and facilities, as we strive to constantly make Fear Forest a top notch attraction. It’s a complete Halloween themed experience that has become a local tradition! Are you prepared to experience the FEAR? FEAR FOREST So how about venturing into the dark...turning the corner...and wait...what was that? With nowhere to run and never know what's waiting for you under the full moon... We dare you to visit Fear Forest – A four tenths of a mile walking woods trail, with terrifying scenes, sounds, high tech animatronics and props. Fear Forest is our original and most popular attraction. FEAR CROPS HAUNTED HAY WAGON RIDE AND ZOMBIE LASER HUNT The fear continues at Fear Crops, Fear Forest's second attraction. An interactive haunted hay wagon ride where you shoot zombies, and they shoot back! As you travel on the wagon through the crops, you are faced with zombies out for the kill. Then find your way out of the corn maze, with scares and thrills along the way... don't get too distracted or you just might not make it out! We've grown more than just a corn crop at Fear Forest, and we've kept it contained...but not for long! This interactive zombie laser experience is sure to keep you entertained and your pulse pounding! FEAR FACTORY! Fear Forest's third attraction, Fear Factory. Where your worst fears are manufactured! We’re not clowning around when we tell you good luck finding your way out!
6340 Oak Shade Rd, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 22801

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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6340 Oak Shade Rd, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 22801

Fear Forest Rules

  1. This is a no-contact haunted attraction. DO NOT TOUCH ACTORS OR PROPS. If you do not touch the live creatures, they will not touch you.
  2. This attraction contains claustrophobic passageways, sudden scares, loud noises, simulated scenes of violence, and extended periods in total darkness. Because of this, Fear Forest attraction is not recommended for children under the age of 12 but you know your own child. We will not force children who are too scared to enter the haunted attraction. They are welcome to wait with an attendant at the exit.
  3. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 12. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. People with heart, back, breathing problems, or anxiety that could be aggravated by sudden scares should not attend. Should you perish with in our confines, please be aware that you will be on display for the next Halloween season.
  5. Expectant mothers should not attend.
  6. People with epilepsy should not attend. Strobe effects are in use.
  7. No smoking is allowed inside or within 50 feet of the entrance to the Fear Forest attraction.  Please do not smoke in the waiting lines.
  8. Absolutely no running inside the attractions. If you have the nerve to enter through the front doors, then you have the stamina to endure the severe heart pounding psychological terror for the duration of your visit.
  9. Please do not use lighters, flashlights, cameras, recording devices, cell phones, or open flames of any kind inside the attraction. This is for the safety of those around you. Anyone using any of these devices will be escorted to the exit.
  10. No food or beverages permitted inside the attractions.
  11. A law enforcement officer will be monitoring the premises.
  12. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited. No backpacks or bags allowed.
  13. Fear Forest reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason. You will not be admitted if you are intoxicated, belligerent, in possession of alcohol, or illegal substances, or if you are disruptive! You will be escorted out with NO REFUND! If you are attending, please come with the attitude to have a good time. We strive to provide clean Halloween themed fun. We will not tolerate cursing or hitting our crew. An ON DUTY POLICE OFFICER is staffed and will assist with any violations.

Beware!!!! Enter at your own risk!

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