ABOUT "Morpheus Bridge"
A family of three was driving along this bridge, when they crashed into the side, being ejected from the car and falling to the murky depths below. As a result of this tragic incident, the woman and child died, leaving only the father. It is said that if one parks his car on the bridge on Halloween, it car will shut off, and the woman will appear, searching for her lost child. Over the past decades since the 1940s-dated accident, people who park their cars on the bridge on Halloween night may experience a haunting event. The car may shut off on its own, or you can turn it off, and then the woman’s ghost may appear, searching for her child. A variation of the story has the daughter appearing, in search of her missing parents. Searching decades of news articles for accidents along Morpheus Bridge Road, only one Associated Press article was found, which referred to a woman killed in 1972 on a “rural paved road two miles south of Wendell”. Unless the Wendell newspaper archives hold details on the legendary family accident, the Morpheus Bridge Road ghost’s name and origin may remain a local mystery.
925 Morpheus Bridge Road, Wendell, North Carolina, 27591

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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925 Morpheus Bridge Road, Wendell, North Carolina, 27591
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